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An attempt to balance children, work, and my husband without losing my submission and myself.

Poly Hotel Guide

What to look for when you are meeting up with your lover at a hotel for a few days:

As Jack and I have planned this his visit I actually considered quite a few things when determining what local hotel to use. We decided for space and comfort reasons that we would stay at the hotel and then visit the house during the day. That way there wouldn’t be pressure for any threesome activities if Sir wasn’t up for it. And we don’t have to wash the sheets, so bonus. He’s flying in to an airport around an hour away, so we wanted to stay there rather than finding a hotel around my house. For privacy reasons, and I’m not sure I’ll be able to keep my hands off him that long.

  1. Room service. Our hotel doesn’t actually have this amenity, but it is one that I would generally recommend. Jack and I are trying to force ourselves to get out a bit. Without the possibility of food being delivered straight to room we will have to get dressed at some point. We’ve talked about a honest to goodness date. This may degrade down into a drive through so we can get back to the room faster, but I’m holding out hope. I have nicer clothes (i.e. clean pants that are sweats) packed just in case. If your goal is to stay naked as much as possible, room service is a must.
  2. Free Wifi. Not that we plan on spending too much time on our phones, but internet access is pretty crucial. There are the obvious twitter updates and photos to share. It’s also nice as sometimes #4 isn’t an option and finding your own is necessary.
  3. Late check-out. This is pretty obvious and I’m not honestly sure what ‘early’ check-out is anymore. No one wants to be rushed out on their last day of vacation. Especially as I will have to drive Jack to the airport and say goodbye until who knows when. The longer we can stay cuddled in bed the better.
  4. Porn. I have written about porn in hotels before. Most don’t have it for purchase anymore, which is sad. I am a huge fan of porn as entertainment or background noise. Jack and I are bring some and can always download more though. And, not having porn is always a good excuse to create some of your own. 🙂
  5. Local sights  Nope, 1-4 pretty much covers it.

Needless to say I’m looking forward to some fun this weekend. We are also hoping to visit my house and small town for some lunch and maybe some time with Sir. Some board games and beer could be a nice break from all those orgasms.

2016 Cookie Exchange

The holidays are upon us. And that means that blogging cookie exchange is back for another year. I have found (and hopefully shared) some great recipes with all the bloggers that take part. Check out what everyone has to offer and try out some new recipe this holiday.

This year I decided to offer a sweet and a savory option. The first is a chocolate fudge recipe that a friend for work gave me. It’s so much simpler than any other recipe I’ve tried and it tastes great. My savory idea is for your holiday leftovers. I can only take so many turkey sandwiches. And really, I use this recipe all year round with any extra meat or veg to make good leftovers or feed a large group. You can double it easily.

Enjoy! And don’t forget to check out everyone else’s offerings.

Old Fashioned Chocolate Fudge

4 1/2 cups Sugar

Pinch Salt

2 Tbs. Butter

1 can evaporated milk, large

Mix these items in a saucepan and bring to a boil. Boil for 6 minutes.

Put the following ingredients into a large bowl:

12 oz. Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips

12 oz. Baker’s German Sweet Chocolate

1 pint Marshmallow Creme

1 tsp. Vanilla

2 cups chopped nuts (optional)

Pour boiling syrup over mixture in bowl. Beat until chocolate is evenly melted. Pour into pan and let sit until firm.


Holiday Leftover Fried Rice

1 cup Cooked Protein, chopped small (turkey, chicken, pork, tofu, etc.)

1 cup rice

1 cup Vegetables (leftover corn, carrots cauliflower work great, but feel free to add fresh as well)

1 tsp. vegetable oil or butter

2 eggs

1/4 cup low-sodium soy sauce


Cook rice according to packaging (this can be done ahead of time)

In pan heat vegetable oil or butter. Add vegetables to heat through or cook slightly (if fresh). Make a well in the center of the pan by push the vegetables to the sides. Crack eggs into bowl and whisk lightly. Pour into well and incorporate with vegetables as they cook.

Add chopped protein and cooked rice to pan. Pour soy sauce over rice and then mix. Season with salt and pepper as needed.






collared mom





His slut






Mrs. Fever

Ms. Constance






Happy Holidays!

The New Dominant Reality

A dominant friend and I were talking on Twitter yesterday and he asked me about subspace. He was describing types of scenes and activities that help his sub get into subspace. Then he asked me what worked for me. So I tried to think back to the last time I had gotten good and floaty.

And I couldn’t remember!

After agonizing about it for awhile, I finally realized it was over a year ago. We were still in the other house. In fact, since we moved many of our toys have only been out of the toy box once or twice. After my loud sigh with this depressing realization I attempted to answer his question.

I love bondage. There is something about being tied up in cuffs and rope that just helps me breathe a little easier. I remember once really wanting to ask Sir if I could sleep in the breast tie he had done. Having something close to my skin helps me feel safe. I’m very tactile like that, apparently. Not sure how connected it is, but I like to wear camisoles and tight shirts underneath looser clothes as well. I always love the idea of being hugged. I love it when Sir (or just about anyone, I’m friendly) holds onto my waist. In general I’m a touch/feely type of person.

I think that might be a bigger reason why not playing/scening/having sex with Sir has bothered me so much. I’ve practically forgotten what subspace feels like, and trust me, as a submissive that stinks. But the physical touching is what I miss most. When he decided that he didn’t want to do 24/7 anymore I was hurt. But there was still a lot of D/s in the bedroom and a lot of intimacy in general. The touch made it bearable. Now with little touching at all, the absence of BDSM has become even more obvious.

Talking to my dominant friend highlighted some pretty stark realities for me. First, there are a lot of kinks I still want to try. Thinking about wax play, rope, and all the humiliation scenes I have been craving has been tough. But an even more difficult realization is that Sir is not really my Sir. I’m still a submissive. And I don’t have another dom. But really I only call him Sir on here because his name needs to remain anonymous. That hit me pretty hard. I used to crave him to grab my neck when I would make a bratty comment or order me to sleep on the floor. Lately I just crave something more than my goodbye kiss before I leave for the office in the morning.

Subspace seems so far away now.

A New Day

Feeling so rejuvenated today. Multiple orgasms last night certainly helped. There is something about rubbing my clit while Sir watches that is just so gratifying. Porn on in the background helps too. I’ve been craving it lately, so Sir indulged me as the kids were at grandma’s. Choking on cock while listening to another sub choke on cock made for an erotic time.

This is just the way of my depression. I have dips. Every time I think I’ve got a handle on things I hit a dip. And no matter how prepared I think I am the low never ceases to surprise me. So this week really hit me over the head. The kids, work, and Sir’s mood tripped me up and I couldn’t dig myself out. Then Sir hurt his back and really needed me to step up. I almost resented him for that (though I know he didn’t do it on purpose). And then, in his usual way, my twitter boyfriend called me out on my bullshit. I had to drop my martyr attitude and deal with things.

So today is a new day. Sir is coming with me for my final tattoo appointment to finish my sleeve. This piece was near two years in the making, so I am over the moon to have it finished. I’m sure I will get pictures posted once it’s done. This also completes one of my 101 Things as well. Considering the expense, this will probably be my last tattoo for awhile. Once we get a bit more in savings I will start designing the next one. Think my thighs need some decoration next 🙂

941.081 Reign of Victoria

I looked over the text conversation from that morning:

Me: I am shy on the outside

Him: Like a naughty librarian, calm and demure on the outside. Kinky to the core on the inside.

Me: Believe it or not, I have an MLIS degree.

Him: I knew there was a reason I like you. So you really are the naughty librarian.
Me: Yep 🙂 
Him: If I may, I bet checking out books from you would be fun

Me: It would. I have glasses and a collection of cardigans. Wearing that and nothing else but heels makes work fun 🙂

Him: I do need help finding a book in the back area of the reference library.

Me: Well, I know how finding things back there can be confusing. I can help.

Him: Oh good, I’ll be by in a bit.

Text flirting with him was always fun, and we had talked about meeting several times, but the idea of our first face to face interaction taking place at my work had me a little on edge. I recognized him as soon as he walked up the steps to the reference section, and I was sure by the grin he gave me that he knew me as well. But games must be played. Besides, I had told him I was shy.

“Can I help you find something?”

“Yes, thank you. I’m looking for some reference material on the Victorian era.”
“Anything specific, bloodletting, or corsets, perhaps?”
“Corsets and formal gatherings seem a good place to start.”
“I have lots on that. In the back room.”

“Excellent, I’m doing some research into high protocol Victorian functions. Lead the way.”

I walked from behind the desk and led him down to the last stack and turned. “Sounds interesting. Researching for business or pleasure?”

“Pleasure, strictly pleasure. Have always been fascinated by that era.”

“Let’s see what you have on the subject, I have also been curious if the Marquis de Sade had any effect on the Victorian age. The rules of a Victorian household and punishment.”
“Sounds downright inspirational.”

“Rather stimulating on many levels. Spankings and switched were used as common form of punishment.”

 “Maybe you could assist with some of my research, a bit more hands on so to speak.”
 “We librarians always love to help with research.” I turned down the far stack until I reached the 940s.
” I’ve always been curious as to the effects of spanking as a form of punishment. I think this would be the perfect spot to begin testing that theory. We would need to set a baseline. Turn around and face that bookcase. Grab a hold of the highest shelf you can and keep still.

“Then do so, good girl.” He watched almost admiringly as I stretched out to grasp the shelf. I wanted to be good and stare at the shelf, but I couldn’t help following him as he surveyed me. His eyes caught mine and locked on them. “I think there is more to you than just a librarian, you didn’t hesitate when I told you to grab the shelf. Let’s see if we can version to turn the key. Hold on to the shelf and do not let go. You are not to make a sound or I will make it hurt even more”.

He placed a hand at the small of my back as he lifted up my cardigan, I could see him smiling at what I saw beneath it. I tried not to shift in anticipation. Holding the cardigan with one hand he reached out and gave each cheek of my ass a hard squeeze. With a downward swiping motion he connected his hand with my ass in a good swat.

I gripped the shelf tighter, but made no noise. Giving me a few more squeezes I felt my skin begin to warm beneath his hand. Then, using the flat of his hand in quick succession he landed several hard smacks. A tear ran free from my right eye, but I bit my lip to keep quiet.
He leaned in and whispered in my ear, “your doing good girl”. He continued spanking me, this time though each time his hand landed on a cheek he pressed in to let the power of each spank to move through me. My whimpers began to turn to moans as another tear streamed down my face. When he switched it up once more, he started spanking with his finger tips to give more sting. Quickly the whimpers returned.
Stopping for a moment he rubbed my back. “Are you sure you’ve not done this before?” He asked, his warm breath played across my ear. I tried to give my most innocent face as I shook my head, but then I wiggled my ass to encourage him not to stop.
“I think this book might be exactly what you’re looking for”. He reached out as I handed him a book on Victorian marriages and corporal punishment being used to keep wives in line.
“A wonderful place to start. Thank you for your assistance. It was most helpful. Of course, if this doesn’t answer my questions I may be back tomorrow to get a something else.”
“I’m in at 8”. I wiped the tears from my eyes, straightened my cardigan, and smiled as I walked backed to the reference desk.
 Wicked Wednesday for post Stockpiled Cravings

TMI Tuesday: Love, Emotion, Trust

love emotion trust


1. What would you do to leave a great impression with a person on your first date?

I’m pretty shy until I get to know someone, but generally on dates I try to be funny. I’m sure I don’t always succeed.

2. Do you usually follow your heart or your head?

My heart. Nearly always. And it’s usually not a good outcome. I think that following my heart usually means that I act impulsively. And, as this blog pretty clearly shows, it doesn’t often work out.

3. If your significant other told you to jump off a tall cliff and told you that you’ll land safely because there’s a net you can’t see yet, would you blindly trust your s.o. and jump?

Can I call bullshit on this one? I don’t really think Sir would ever ask/tell me jump off a cliff. And I’m not sure I would jump, even if he did. I don’t think it has anything to do with trust though. If it has something to do with the safety of the kids, then maybe. But honestly, I’m not for high intensity activities (sex doesn’t count).

4. How do you support your significant other?

Support is such a broad word. I work full-time and my job gives the family insurance. I try to clean and keep the kids from driving us both crazy. I hope I support him emotionally as much as he wants. We both have depression, so I think we both struggle sometimes to give/ask for the emotional support that we need. But I hope I do an okay job.

5. What types of things or gestures/acts make you feel loved?

When people really listen to me. When someone buys me a gift that they actually thought about. I love just spending time with someone. Playing games, watching a movie. I might also be a cuddle slut.

6. What types of things or gestures/acts make you feel respected?

I feel respected at work when someone asks my opinion of something or asks me how to do something. Having my opinion and/or knowledge respected is big for me. I always appreciate a little credit too. I don’t really enjoy being the center of attention, but if I put a lot of work into a project and a boss or supervisor recognizes that effort I feel respected.

7. Can you have emotional intimacy without physical intimacy? Explain.

Yes. Speaking from my current place of having a partner with no sex drive to speak of, we still have a strong emotional connection. We’ve been together for ten years and we’ve had periods without physical intimacy before. We’ll get over this hurdle too, we always do.

Interestingly, for me, it’s the other way around. If I don’t have emotional intimacy it is very difficult for me to have positive physical intimacy. In my experience I cannot relax, I never orgasm, and I usually feel terrible afterwards.

Bonus:  In 2016, what was your most conflicted emotional moment?

Realizing that my connection with Jack was stronger than I had considered. This is important in it’s own right and I don’t want to down play it. But it is more the larger significance of learning that I could care about more than one person. That my love for Sir didn’t diminish. That I cared about him just as much, or more, because I also cared about someone else. My emerging understanding of how polyamory has manifested itself for me. I’m still not sure how it will grow and change as Sir and I get more (or less) comfortable with the idea. But I really love the idea that this could be something amazing.



Lock Me Up

A year ago I would have said that the very idea of a chastity belt was off the table. Hard limit, full stop.

Oh the difference a year makes.

In thinking about this topic and why I always shied away from chastity it always came back to the comfort. I just didn’t feel like I would be able to wear any sort of metal device under my clothes at the office or around family. It would be too obvious to me and therefore would be obvious to everyone else. Then there was also the physical comfort of being able to use the bathroom. It just didn’t seem hygienic to me. And coming from a person who regularly refuses to use public bathrooms, hygiene is a thing.

The last several months have brought about a change of heart, however. I’m not shopping online for custom designs just yet, but I am certainly more open to the idea. The issues with work may still exist, but I have seen a lot more styles and options that could be concealed with some regularity. I don’t wear skin-tight clothes that often anyway. And I’m sure the daily wear of any chastity device would come with time. I’ve also talked to people who wear chastity daily and they do not have any health issues that I was concerned about.

I think I’m just starting to look at the possible benefits of being locked up. With Sir struggling with his sex drive, I am wondering if it could be a good idea. If I’m in chastity then he wouldn’t feel any pressure to preform. I’m sure I would struggle for the first few weeks. Is there such a thing as horny/sex withdrawal? But if I could get through that, then I think maybe we could end up in a good place. I could feel my submission and he could process his stress without feeling guilty about my sexual satisfaction.

Obviously when Jack would come to visit, or I would visit him, we could take it off. Maybe I could even give him his own key. I could be sex crazed for a few days and then Sir could lock me up again. We haven’t really talked about playing with other aside from Jack at this point, but it’s not like chastity would prohibit that conversation.

This isn’t a complete thought, and I’m sure I’m forgetting a ton of things which make this a bad idea. Probably the fact that I think it will help with my horniness problem should be a red flag. It does seem like it could be a viable option though. Sir could use me when he wanted, but other than that I would be locked up. Right now if I go more than a few days without an orgasm I’m a cranky mess. With the option of even masturbating taken out of my hands (hehe, see what I did there) maybe I could push through.

So 2017 may see me looking into more chastity options. I haven’t talked to Sir about it, so I’ll be curious to know his opinion when he reads this. As someone who loves sex and craves it often, I didn’t think I would ever warm to the idea of chastity. But restricting sex may be an solution to a problem I didn’t know I had.

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Sorry for the posting gap. It’s been a crazy week. When I had something I really wanted to say I was surrounded by people and dirty dishes. Yesterday when I had the time, I wasn’t motivated to do anything. Such is life I guess.

I hope everyone made it through the holiday okay (if you celebrate U.S. Thanksgiving, of course). Our fridge is full of leftovers and extra random ingredients that weren’t used. Somehow we have used several of our standards though and a trip to the store is in order today. Running out of coffee creamer is not allowed to happen.

Sex is still a non-starter with Sir. He’s been really good about me taking care of myself though. Of course, by the time I had a chance yesterday it had still been almost a week and I was a cranky mess, but that’s not his fault. I’m trying to stay positive and busy. Jack comes in less than two weeks. The kids are going to grandma’s, so everyone should be able to relax and enjoy themselves. My fingers are crossed, I know I certainly need something happy to finish out this abysmal year.

I guess I’m still not feeling the motivation to write. Hopefully I will get some inspiration this week with various prompts and whatnot. It’s hard to have a sex blog when you’re not having sex.

Our Poor Water Bill

I laid out the towel across the duvet. I was in too much of a hurry to put the clean clothes away, so I stacked them at the foot of the bed. The toddler could wake from his nap at any moment so I didn’t have much time. I grabbed the Doxy from my night stand and threw it on the bed. I considered leaving my shirt on to save time, but nipple play sounded too good and I was soon completely naked.

His message had come through an hour before, but chores had to be done before I could stop to let it sink in. He was coming, and sooner than I ever thought possible. The tickets were purchased, the hotel room booked. He was coming to Ohio to visit me in less than three weeks; I had a lot to masturbate about.

My clit was already throbbing as I spread out on the towel. I was so close to cumming I had to start the vibrator on low so I didn’t ruin my own orgasm.

Thinking about seeing him again was so erotic. Obviously fucking him; I had been craving his cock since we parted in October. This time we were going to get two nights in a hotel and one night with Sir at home. The amount of fucking would be epic. But, even more so, we were going out on a date. A dress up, order taken by a waiter, footsie under the table dinner date. I could feel my orgasm building.

I rubbed the Doxy up and down my clit as I grabbed my inner thigh. Then I remembered all the extra effort to take off my shirt. I grabbed my nipple and practically bucked off the bed. Within moments I could barely breathe as my pussy convulsed. Frustratingly, I was right on the edge. I let go of my nipple and plunged as many fingers as I could into my cunt.

Immediately my orgasm crashed into me. I began squirting all over my hand. Containing my moans became impossible. The splashing between my legs continued as I pressed the Doxy harder against my clit. It felt like my entire body was vibrating with pleasure. Eventually, my moans and writhing stopped. I put the Doxy back on the night stand and collapsed on the bed. In a perfect world I would have taken a nap to truly enjoy my few moments of bliss. Sadly, however, one of the many people in my house would be calling for me soon. Inevitably needing something that, of course, they couldn’t manage to get on their own.

As I begrudgingly sat up I let lout a squeal of laughter. I had managed to ejaculate all over the piles of neatly folded clothes. Apparently, my estimation of my own distance capabilities was more than a tad off. Upon further inspection only the tops of both piles would need to be rewashed. I grabbed them and my towel and threw everything into the hamper. I quickly got dressed and giggled to myself as I went back downstairs. The next three weeks were going to mean a lot more laundry.

Rye's squirting evidence.

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