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An uncollared submissive struggling through depression, motherhood, and the constant craving of her next orgasm.

Quilting madness…

**This blog was originally created in 2010 to document my husband and my life as we tried to get pregnant with our first child. After finding BDSM I repurposed the blog in 2014 to look at our kink and balancing it with the two children we now have. Please feel free to read the below posts and any from my 2010 and 2011 archive, but please be aware that they are not representative of our life now. Also, certain edits have been made to these posts. To start from the beginning of our kinky life, start here. **

Well, my quilting adventure begins. I’ve got about 300 strips to sew together to create 8-10 strips of 10 ft. pieces. Should be interesting. The sad thing is, that’s the easy part. But I’ll update on that when I get there. The strips should keep be busy for awhile. I loaded up on fabric on sale this weekend, so I’ve been cutting like mad. My rotary cutter is getting a workout, but at least the fabric yards were easier to cut than the old pants. Hopefully the fabrics that I bought go well together.  My color palette is really dark, but toby’s habit of shedding all over everything makes it seem like a good plan.

So law school is harder than I thought. My grad school experience was really like a part-time job, which is why working my 20-hour a week internship worked out so well. It’s only been a month and it’s obvious that law school it’s more than a full-time gig. D’s been busier than me lately, and I’ve been working 50 hours. It’s just going to take another few months to really get our schedules in synch. It just feels like we’re roommates who never see each other. And we haven’t been to pleasant either. But we’ll get there. It’s only three years, right?


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