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Christmas for Sir

What do you buy the Dom who has everything? I am, of course, being completely sarcastic. We are a family of four on one salary trying to save to buy a house. We’ve got a ways from everything.

But the general idea is there. What do you buy your Dom? Do you go for the obvious, meanest cane with spikes or single-tail you can find? Do you also buy a pack of boxers so he’ll use the new mean toy on you?

I’ll admit, part of me wants to get him a video game I know he wants. We exchanged our secret sexy christmas gifts. I will have to get some pictures up soon. But I still feel like my ‘regular’ gifts to him need to have some innuendo or dominant purpose. To see that glint in his eye when he opens something in front of our family that is just for us sounds too fun to pass up. Nothing too expensive, like I said, we’re on a budget. But something fun; maybe some clothespins or something. I think that might be a little too obvious.

Subtle is always something I strive for and I fail every time. I try to imply to Sir that I want to play and I end up panting on him. I mean, he gets the idea, but I’m sure I could do better with the covert operations. I guess I shouldn’t take the chance on Christmas morning around my parents considering my apparently poor track record.

Maybe a nice grey tie?

3 Responses to “Christmas for Sir”

  • mostly mouse

    It’s hard isn’t it?? Omega handles the finances, so unless mouse waits until the day beforehand, it’s likely he’ll figure out what she’s bought him.

    What mouse began doing was to squirrel away a few dollars here and there, so when his birthday or holidays roll around, she can buy him something he totally wouldn’t expect.

    But you also have the added problem of what to buy them…ugh and that can mouse’s head spin.

    If your Sir would like a video game, and you’re fairly confident he wouldn’t just go out and buy it for himself, why not give it to him?

  • Grace

    If you already exchanged your secret sexy Christmas gifts, why not just go for the video game you know he wants? It seems like that’s something he’d be pleased with and you wouldn’t have to worry about not being subtle enough. If, on the other hand, you think he’d get a kick out of a subtle surprise, your grey tie idea might be a good one. 😉

    • Grace

      Oh, what about a wooden cutting board? Some are shaped a bit like a paddle. And you could give him some cheeses and/or meats with it. You and he would know what the cutting board was really for, but I would think that others would just assume it was for cutting up food. Mind you, this is a gift you may not want him to have! lol


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