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An uncollared submissive struggling through depression, motherhood, and the constant craving of her next orgasm.

Egg Pose (Training Stance #1)

Last night Sir taught me a new pose. I didn’t think to get a picture of it at the time (because slightly preoccupied). Most nights we are at the whim of the children when it comes to scening. So often, it is easier to use mental bondage rather than getting out the cuffs and ropes. There is always a chance that the boys could need something, and while the baby is still young, Sir doesn’t want to have to worry about leaving me restrained. Hopefully when the baby getting older and is more regularly sleeping through the night we can get more elaborate with our set-up. Not to complain about the mental bondage play. I tend to find it more challenging when I have to maintain a position without the help of ropes, but that’s my personal preference, and luckily, that works for us right now.

He’s calling it egg pose. It’s starts off with me in a child’s pose from yoga. Then he had me curl my arms under my body so I could play with my breasts. It was actually really comfortable, which let me feel everything he was doing rather than the pain. It’s weird, but stress on my body that he doesn’t intend can really mess with the scene. That is something that I want to work on so I can learn to ignore it. He wants me to focus only the pain that he wants me to feel.

So he played with me for what seemed like ever. Always getting me really close and then just stopping. It was amazing and horrible at the same time. I have really sensitive nipples and am a huge fan of nipple play. So having me mess around with my breasts the whole time was delightful, but it didn’t let me come down at all. After a lot of play and a really good spanking I was practically crying.

Orgasms that hurt are beautiful. If you have never experienced a brutal orgasm I highly recommend it. There is just something so wonderful about it. It’s not just that the release is great, its the complete exhaustion that follows it. There is this wave of calm that honestly, is the reason that I was drawn to this. And it helped me find the beauty of submitting to someone. I trust Sir to take me there and keep me safe so I can really let go.

So this egg pose may be my new favorite training stance for the foreseeable future. I will see if Sir lets me take photos to share.


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