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Merry Christmas

The children are ankle deep in toys and won’t even respond to their names. Not sure I could get them out the door in a fire as they would be trying to carry too many parcels with them. My parents got the dog a new fleece jacket and she is walking around like she is queen of the world. I am going to have a fun time getting that off; luckily she has short hair and doesn’t need a bath often.

My father built a child-size kitchen for our three year-old. It is like those little tikes versions, except one thousand times better. First, it is made of real wood and is painted to look like my father’s farmers kitchen. It has a fridge, dishwasher, oven, and sink. The boy also got a ton of play food and miniature Tupperware to cook with. He stopped playing with the iPad for an entire hour this morning, so I am calling it a win. The coolest part is that this was the kitchen that he built for me when I was little, but the fresh coat of paint and new knobs look amazing. I can brag because I didn’t make it. My father is the genuine definition of the Everyman.
I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday, whichever one you celebrate. Very little D/s time is in our immediate future as the grandparents will be here through tomorrow. But the weekend looks bright. Now if I can not get so sucked into my book and stay on top of my step count. Not hitting my quota means a lot of punishment time, which sounds good in theory, but I would rather spend our limited alone time on anything else. Well…not anything. That is a ‘be careful what you wish for’ statement I will never make again.
Happy holidays!
Red wooden children's kitchen with fridge, sink, dishwasher and oven.

One Response to “Merry Christmas”

  • DelFonte

    Recognise your opening sentence ☺ and what a fantastic kitchen, so much better than those plastic ones.
    Merry Christmas


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