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Pack Rat 2014

Quite a busy day, but I always want to write. This is the most relaxing part of my day.

So, we will have some fun. I am stealing this idea from a fabulous blog that I read by Wyldwyfe. Great minds and all that. But we both seem to be pack rats of sorts that allow our handbags/purses/mom bags (in my case) to gather everything we may possibly need.

Rye's handbag, medium sized with blue and white flowers on it.

So, let’s see how long I could last with just the contents of my current everyday bag (pictured above):

-Trident Layers Gum Flavor: Grape Lemonade
-Trident Layers Gum Flavor: Watermelon & Tropical Fruit
-Hair Clip
-Octonauts Creature Toy: Tunip the Vegimal
-Doctor Bill dated 12/1/14
-Red Lobster Receipt
-Car charger for phone what good it does in my purse, I have no idea
-Starbucks Receipt
-EOS Lip Balm
-Knitted Fingerless Gloves I love Etsy. My purse is from there too.
-Prescription Sunglasses
-Arby’s Receipt I swear we don’t eat out that much
-Mirena Follow-Up Reminder Card Hope that’s not an overshare
-Purell Sanitizing Wipes Mom’s best friend
-Hand Sanitizer Because boys are gross
-Starbuck App Pick of the Week Card
-Appointment Reminder Card
-Grocery Savings Membership Card I use the one on my keys
-Library Card Also use the one on my keys
-Name tag from my old job two of them, actually
-Trident Gun Flavor: Island Berry Lime You would be surprised to learn that I don’t really chew gum
-Generic First Aid Antibiotic
-My dog’s license from 2010
-A card holder with gift cards for:
-McDonalds from last Christmas
-Home Depot
-Old Navy (2)
-Hair Tie
-Travel bottle of Chanel Chance Fragrance
-Two Sharpies (one red, one magenta)
-Seven Pens (two blue, five black) Because…I’ve got nothing, no idea why I’m stockpiling pens
-$2.35 in coin
-Toys R Us Rewards Card
-Four reading pins
-Seven of my husband’s business cards
-Carabiner Let your kinky mind chew on that
-More Hand Sanitizer Boys are really really gross

Well, I guess I could live on gum for awhile, but I better start throwing some snack bars in too if I am really going to last.


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