Chasing Me Chasing You

An uncollared submissive struggling through depression, motherhood, and the constant craving of her next orgasm.

Glad for Thick Walls

“Are you ready for worship?” I nodded moving slowly down his torso. My body ached. “You may want to take your time, this is the only break you are going to get tonight.”

I stilled. The only break? My pussy was already swollen and sore. My poor nipples were begging to be ignored for a good long while. I couldn’t take my time starting, but once I got going I could try and suck his dick for as long as he let me. I started slow and kept changing tempos and depths to keep him from getting too close. I wanted him to come, but I knew as soon as he did he would play me with me until he was ready to fuck me again. And as wound up as I was, I would be begging too fast. He never wanted to look too nice and let me come too early.
All the sudden he grabbed my hair and pulled my mouth off of him. “I know what you’re doing Rye. If I can’t trust you to do your best then we can just go to bed.”
“Sorry Sir, I will try my best. I just wanted to tease you a little. I won’t do it again Sir.” I went to work quickly. No more showboating. My efforts brought instant progress as I felt him relax back into the mattress and moan. He grabbed my hair again, but this time to push me further into his cock. His hips thrust into me and I opened my jaw in response. I loved this. And his low groan told me he loved it too. His breathing changed and I knew he was going to come. I felt his cock pulse and the salty taste in the back of my throat. I kept him inside my mouth as his breathing evened. He liked me to suck on him for a little bit after his orgasm, he twitched involuntarily.
I rolled over to my side of the bed where I laid a small towel. Just to get the drips off of my chin, Sir never liked it if I cleaned up too much.
“Get back on the bed and lay flat on your back, whore. Let’s plug all those dirty little holes and then see what you have to say.” I moved quickly, still trying to be graceful and failing miserably. Luckily, for me, speed was more important than style. I closed my eyes as I laid back, just to take a breath and prepare myself. When I opened them the ball gag was dangling above my face. I hated that thing. I know Sir thought that drool was sexy, but I could never wrap my mind around it. I think it just makes me feel too much like our infant son to try appreciate the submissive state that it puts me in. But I put on a smile, lifted my head and opened my mouth. If I argued now he would just leave it on longer.
“That’s better.” He handed me one of the baby rattles to use as my safe word and climbed off the bed. I could hear him walking around the end of the bed, then I felt his hand in my thigh. I felt the cold of the glass butt plug as he laid it on the sheet to grab the lube. I was getting so used to it, I didn’t even tense up. Which was good, because that thing was pretty wide and fighting it never ended well for me. Sir was all about speed, when he let me put the plug in myself, I would take my time. No such luck tonight and he wiped his hands on my towel a moment later. I lay there breathing heavy, trying to relax around the plug while also worrying about where Sir was hiding outside of my eyeline.
 He returned a moment later with a handful of toys. I could only identify a few of them in the pile and I was still trying to get my mouth comfortable with the gag. I saw at least three pairs of nipple clamps, which was always concerning, because despite Sir’s wishes, I do only have the one set of nipples. He just laughed at my wide eyes and picked up the first set of clamps. I wiggled a little, pushing my breasts up; I never said I didn’t like them. But instead of grabbing the closest boob he moved down to the foot of the bed. As realization dawned I started to struggle more forcefully. He had only clamped my clit a few times and even then after a lot of warm up and my nipples clamped first. My body had a chance to prepare for sensation that way, and it still hurt. He told me afterward that he had hit my thighs as hard as he could with the flogger, but I didn’t remember as as the pressure on my clit was all I could manage to feel.
“I know that look.” He just grinned at me with that smile that turned me on and made me afraid at the same time. “We are going to see how long you can wear these tonight. And how many I can fit on that pretty pussy of yours. I think we’ll aim for three and see how it goes.” I was really wishing he would go back to torturing my nipples again. “I know that you will take this for me, Rye. And when you do, when you have shown me your submission, then I will let you come, and let you sleep.”
Part of me wanted to sigh with relief, though I don’t know from what. The idea that it would eventually end perhaps. I could do this, for him. And as long as I remembered that then it would be so bad, right?
Right then the first clamp closed on my outer labia and I was so glad I had the ball gag to muffle my screams.


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