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Must Have: Sizable Space for a Sex Dungeon

Sir and I are heading out this morning to go house hunting. He had me do a significant amount of research and the realtor and I have narrowed it down to four for the day. Hopefully we can at least walk away today with a better understanding of what we are looking for and how much work we are willing to do to make a place our forever home.

Sir and I both moved around a lot as kids. My mother worked at several universities and non-profits before finding a school and a department she liked. Research and publication schools all have their quirks, my mom just needed to find her niche. Aside from the distance of friends, I did ok. I did all four years of high school in one place, so I was not too emotionally scarred. Sir, however, moved several times including his sophomore year to a worse school. Sir was a PK (preacher’s kid, and if you don’t think that played a part in why he loves to hit me with things, then I have a bridge to sell you).
Anyway, after our childhoods of moving all across the country to different schools and different friends, Sir and I really wanted a more grounded upbringing for our kids. We fully intend to travel and show them this country, as well as many others, but we would always have a home base. Give the boys a chance to have the same best friend since kindergarten. And, as possibly the only grandkids on both sides of the family, to stay close to the grandparents as long as they are with us.
But this will be our first home; we have rented for the last seven years. So trying to nail down exactly what we want has been harder than I thought. Sir asked me to come up with a wish list of items that I would like and we could start there. A page and a half later, we decided that maybe a short list of must haves would be a better place to start. Better until,
“We can’t put sex dungeon on the must have list.”
“I prefer Adult Play Space. And why not? I want a place, preferably part of the master suite that we can keep our furniture set up and I can lock you in, if necessary. We could use a basement space, but that wouldn’t be my first choice.”
“I don’t think the realtor will have any idea how to handle that request. What if we say that we would like a large walk-in closet in the master? We should be able to keep everything in there, and we have the two big dressers for clothes. We’ll just need to have a few hanging clothes in there like dresses and your suits. We could make it work.”
“Photo aids may also be helpful. I will leave you in charge of that.”
I didn’t put ‘sex dungeon’ or ‘adult play space’ on the list, but I know that as we view these places today, that is all he will be looking at. Is there a place for my big TV and video games, and is there room for a sex dungeon?
He also wants a dishwasher. This house doesn’t have one and apparently my hands are getting a bit rough from all the washing. I can’t argue with those priorities.

2 Responses to “Must Have: Sizable Space for a Sex Dungeon”

  • Jon MontanaVega

    Ask for an office off of the master bedroom.

  • cammies on the floor

    Being in the military, we move around a lot. One move during my daughter’s high school didn’t go as well as I hoped for her (I only hope she doesn’t complain about family life in therapy later in life). She wasn’t emotionally scarred, but high school is certainly a time where you don’t want to move around.
    We are also looking to purchase a home in the next six months, and we also want a dungeon space.


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