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Open Door Policy

A friend contacted me last night. She and I went to college together, but she lives on the west coast and we haven’t talked in several years. But, she and her partner are moving to our little pocket of Ohio for work, I told her I would help where I could. I’m home, I could look at apartment listings. I even offered her our guest room. Not sure if that’s helpful or not, as we have two small children and a dog to contend with, but there it is.

I was trying to be helpful. To be friendly. I’ve lost touch with a lot of friends from school. It’s been hard to keep up with everyone. Friendship takes a lot more work after marriage and kids than I had anticipated. Moving around doesn’t help much either. So I took this opportunity. Especially if she is going to be back in the area, having a friend close again sounds really nice.


This morning there is a message on Facebook waiting for me. It’s from her and she says that she had put together everything to come in on Sunday. Like two days from now Sunday. And she is planning to stay all week. And should she get a rental car. Woah Woah Woah. Back the train up a bit. I went from trying to be a helpful friend to not being able to sleep naked for a week really fast. And over the holiday weekend. Sir actually has Monday off from work and we may actually be able to have ten minutes together.

What do I say? Sir feels like we can say ‘sorry, but no’ and not feel guilty. I want to feel the same way, but I just told her that I could help and make our home available. Can I really say no now?

Just craving some D/s time. Things have been really stressful and having someone I’m not married to see me like that doesn’t seem wise. I just don’t want people who aren’t family in my house right now. It’s gross and my kids scream a lot. I was hoping to get a few things in order before people came to stay for more than a night. Like a job, or a house, or the Boy’s potty training.

Maybe I’m just too much of a mess for friends.

2 Responses to “Open Door Policy”

  • Florida Dom

    Could you say that you can only offer your guest room for a day or two because the kids are such a handful and that will give them time to find a hotel they like. Good luck. Don’t let them impose on you for a week like this.


  • ara

    It might be they are mostly not in Your home, as they are searching for an apartment. Aks them if t could be less. Being a good friend is also being honest. And never feel ashamed for a bit of a messy house with 2 young children, they are a lot of work.


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