Chasing Me Chasing You

An uncollared submissive struggling through depression, motherhood, and the constant craving of her next orgasm.

The Morning After…

I hurt. And I know it is supposed to be this beautiful soreness of bliss and light, but it’s not. It just hurts.

I will give Sir credit, we had some amazing sex last night. No kids in the house makes me a lot more comfortable being as loud as I want. We even stopped by the hardware store on the way home and bought 200 feet of nylon rope. Sir took some great pictures, but they are still on the camera, so I will have to upload later. As we were wandering around, Sir just picks up a piece of PVC pipe. Just picks it up like it’s nothing. There were comments about spreader bars and wanting to try something. However, unsurprisingly, he just ended up hitting me with it. Like I didn’t see that coming.
But even before bed last night I hurt. My poor vagina hasn’t been worked like that since I gave birth, and that surely didn’t make me feel sexy. At least this morning it doesn’t bring on a stinging, burning sensation when I pee (sorry for the overshare).
The weird feeling, are you ready for this, is that I wouldn’t change last night for anything. I know I should feel like that, this is what I want. But it still surprises me when my brain comes to the conclusion I expect. Like after I told Sir last night that I hurt, he fucked me anyway. Hard, and rough. I was crying by the end. But I was so turned on that he didn’t care that I was in pain, that he took want he wanted from me anyway. It was amazing. And, because the universe is looking out for me, we are headed to my parents to pick up the kids. I may be able to give Sir service tonight, but little else can be accomplished quietly. I even have to wear pajamas for pete’s sake. So I should have some time to recover.
If this is a portent of the rest of 2015 then I am in for a very good year. And I should buy stock in our local hardware store.


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