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Cruel Fate

So much for hiding out for a few more days. Baby 2.0 has his six month check-up tomorrow and with Winter Storm Linus heading this way, I actually came home last night instead of this morning. It was nice to be home; the kids even slept in the car so I could belt out my random mix of music without reprisal. And Sir was happy that we were home safe too.

Until the kids went to bed…and he pulled out the ball gag so show me my mistake in ordering the black instead of the red.

He didn’t appreciate me telling him that the color really doesn’t matter. That the strap was black on both and the colored portion will be in my mouth.

He also didn’t really like me reminding him that he’s basically colorblind anyway, so black and red could look similar. I mean, the man can’t tell the difference between black and navy pants to save his life. But he just saw that as some sort of challenge to make the marks on me darker so he, “could see them properly with [his] weak eyes.”

But I probably pushed too far when I said that maybe if he wants something that specific he should just order his own toys next time. I knew it was a stupid thing to say, but after two days of small talk with his mom and driving two hours, I guess I wasn’t thinking clearly. I think I was subconsciously trying that guy thing where you ask them to wash dishes or something and they purposefully do a terrible job so you never ask them again. Or, I just got distracted and forgot to double check the color when I hit the checkout button. I doubt either excuse would have made him very happy.

And after last night I am about ready to see if I can find mouth-safe paint that will adhere to medical grade latex red.

3 Responses to “Cruel Fate”

  • sub hub in phx

    Yeah, I know you feel. Sometimes (usually a good number of days after a good, hard punishment spanking) we tend to get a little snippy in our interaction and responses to things that might otherwise seem small.

    Yep ……….. it’s how it works.

    Great post !

    • CollaredMom

      Snippy is certainly a good word for it. I am on my second cup of coffee this morning, so maybe I can butter him up this afternoon before the SuperBowl. If not, maybe the gag will accidentally get ‘lost’ when I clean this week. 🙂

  • BigD lils

    Does your guy read your blog ? Better hope doesn’t they then see snippy in everything you write. I learned long ago filter filter filter before saying anything lol. At least your home safe !:)


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