Chasing Me Chasing You

An uncollared submissive struggling through depression, motherhood, and the constant craving of her next orgasm.

Definitely a Win

“Roll onto your back.” My eyes flickered open as I saw Sir disappear under the duvet. My eyes closed again, but only until his tongue slid up my thigh. Awake and writhing he played with me. I love it when he plays with me. His hands wander all over my body. Like he can’t get enough of me. I am exactly what he needs and I love giving him everything. His fingers force their way inside me with so much pressure and urgency that I almost cum without permission. But he has other activities planned, so he allows me to cum without too much begging.

He climbs up my body to replace his fingers with his cock. My pussy is still pulsing and we both groan. But he immediately pulls out and moves up the bed.

“You are my fuck puppet.”

“Yes, Sir”

“Say it. Tell me what you are.”

“I am your fuck puppet.”


“I am your fuck puppet.” The phrase doesn’t even sound silly in my head. I was so turned on and he was in complete dominant mode. He positioned himself on his knees by my head.

“Clean yourself off of me.” I was more than happy to comply. This is my favorite position for giving him oral sex. I can take him so much deeper this way. And, rather selfishly, he often plays with me. He spanked me several times to push my mouth further down on him.

“Roll over.” I moved quickly. More than happy to beg to cum again. He began spanking me almost immediately. “Tell me what you are.”

“I am a fuck puppet.”


“I am a fuck puppet.” He wanted me to say it every time he slapped me. Over and over. I only stopped to beg to cum. Sir was generous enough to let me cum with him. As soon as he leaned back I quickly turned around to clean him off. He gently rubbed my back as I completed my work. I couldn’t help sighing in pleasant satisfaction.

I sat up and looked at the clock, 9:58. I couldn’t believe that not only had I dozed off so early, but that we had had amazing sex as well, all before 10:00. Sir chuckled along with me when I told him. At least we both appreciate our currently lame lifestyle due to an infant, leading to early bedtimes. And I was not going to complain about my numerous orgasms.

Sir and I curled up with his hand on my breast. I’m not sure it was more than five minutes until his breathing slowed and I drifted off myself.

So I guess I’m a fuck puppet now. A happy, sore little puppet on Sir’s private string.

One Response to “Definitely a Win”

  • Florida Dom

    How nice to be a fuck puppet, a happy sore puppet on Sir’s string. You are so fortunate you have him to pull the strings as you serve him and are controlled by him and give him what he wants like a good puppet. Since a puppet is totally controlled, it is a nice name for you.



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