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An uncollared submissive struggling through depression, motherhood, and the constant craving of her next orgasm.

It Continues….

I wanted to wait until everything was fixed before writing again.

After the water main thawed and we got our water back on, the furnace broke. We were without heat for about five hours. Luckily, it only got down to about 57 degrees and none of the pipes froze.

Because Sir’s anxieties weren’t bad enough.

One Response to “It Continues….”

  • Jon MontanaVega

    I’m probably multiples of your years older. How do I know this? Well … I’d trade my “legally” adult children (with whom I stayed home for 5 years and I’m male) for you your young kids in a heart beat. Or … it is so nice to no longer live in a single family home … a condo with someone else to shovel the snow beats working for a living.

    Seriously, though, you’ve been through a bad spell that sounds pretty typical for my area of rural New England. Things always to wrong on eve’s or days. Christmas Eve, New Year’s Eve, President’s Day. Boxing Day, Halloween Eve. It’s written in the Old Farmer’s Almanac somewhere.

    There will come a day when this winter will be tale you tell your grandkids. With a pleasant rememberance. Hold that thought tight.



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