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Perfect Timing

I am currently reading Anne Rice’s Beauty trilogy as part of my 101 Things. And today I see this come across my dirty newsfeed. I love the idea of BDSM continuing to work it’s way into the mainstream. But, if people are worried about 50 Shades being too tame, the this endeavor has me really concerned.

Fingers crossed though.

2 Responses to “Perfect Timing”

  • Florida Dom

    I read them before we knew Anne Rice wrote them and I can’t imagine making a TV series out of them. For example, read the book 9 1/2 weeks and then see the movie. Except for the title, not much of the original book is left although maybe times have changed.


  • little girl

    The Beauty series was my introduction to BDSM. I actually read them years and years before we chose this lifestyle but was no where near ready or willing back then. Maybe i should go back and read them now. Don’t know what to think about it being made into a show.

    Hope you are enjoying them so far:)


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