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The Blogger Gestapo

So I am having a dilemma. Do I cleanse or do I go? For those unaware, Google’s Blogger has decided to update their policies and remove all explicit photos and videos from their blogs. It is a free service, so while I cannot really complain, I am a bit bummed at their decision. Mostly, as it now leaves me with a decision to make. I can stick with Google on their terms and remove all my dirty pictures (and not post any others), or I can move on. Relocating to either another bloggerish service, or purchasing a domain of my own. And I am not sure which to choose.

Photos aren’t really what I do. Though the occasional one that I post is pretty explicit, to be sure. But it’s the principle of the thing. If I don’t leave now, if I just remove the photos, will I cave again when they say I cannot say the word cunt on my page? Will I come up with new words for cock and pussy like my readers are my children who need to be protected from such things? I don’t mean that I have come to the point where I need to make some sort of stand for my content and sense of quality control in what I provide. But that doesn’t mean that that day is not on the horizon.
So, do I stay as this isn’t a huge bother for me. Just leave my shaved (or unshaven as it is currently) pussy pictures to your imaginations and focus on my ramblings of words instead? Would it be easier to leave now when I don’t have as much of an archive to export? Would my few readers (thanks, by the way) follow me to my new uncensored home, wherever that may be?
Looks like Sir and I will have to have a chat about it when I get home. And I have a few weeks to figure out what to do. Maybe Sir will have an easy solution, or decision, for me. It is easier for him to weigh things like this. And he can see me naked any time he wants, so he is impartial.

6 Responses to “The Blogger Gestapo”

  • DelFonte

    If the writing aspect is what is important about this blog, then leave it and remove those pictures you think might cause problems. Otherwise you can move the contents of a blog to somewhere else like WordPress. It’s not hard, but there are no guarantees WordPress won’t do the same thing to its free service.
    As far as I’m aware from what I’ve read they are not targeting erotica… yet.

  • ara

    I thought about going to wordpress too, this is very annoying and who polices what is educational… apparently the moral police.

  • mostly mouse

    Moved the “mostly mouse” blog to wordpress as a try it out thing, since it’s a much smaller blog…but honestly mouse likes blogger and hates, hates hates the idea of moving our power exchange blog just bugs her. First the images then the words….we have lots of followers and over a million page views, but if they censor our words, mouse will probably close the blog all together.

    It just sucks.

    WordPress is ok so far,but feels clunky to mouse.


    • CollaredMom

      My blog is still pretty new and I don’t have the cult following that many blogs do. But I want to keep writing and idea of having to sugarcoat things seems counterproductive to my mission. I just don’t want to post a picture of marks on my back and they privatize my entire blog because you can see a partial butt cheek or something.

  • DtBHC

    Hi CollaredMum, Lady M has established a blogging environment different to WordPress but using the same tools. I have a skeleton site up at

    You can go to and make contact with Lady M who will set up a site. DtBHC.

  • Florida Dom

    One of the things I like about your blog is that you are uninhibited and willing to post sexy pictures of yourself while some bloggers just post generic pictures. Anyway, it is hard to believe they are censoring things in 2015.



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