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A stream of tears

I hurt so much for Jade this morning. I can’t imagine going through anything like what she has been through the last few months.

I just can’t understand or wrap my head around anything that has happened. All I know is that no one deserves that. I believe in the last few moments of time that people have on this earth, they should be allowed to be with whoever they wish. They should be allowed to say goodbye and those that love them should be allowed to say goodbye too. How, or why a person loves who they love is not the point. It’s not up for debate or judgement. It’s about making a memory of a person who is leaving the happiest it can be. So that when you miss them, you can be comforted that they knew they were loved.

I’m just going to sit here today and cry for her. Hug my baby, my dog, my coffee cup and pretend that I could hug her and make it okay.

I will be better tomorrow. I will have yelled and ranted at anyone who will listen (probably just the dog) today. But my heart will continue hurt for Jade for a long time. And I believe that Warren will find a way to tell Jade goodbye that no can take from her. Because I can live in world that houses the injustice of what has happened, but I cannot live in a world where love doesn’t win.

2 Responses to “A stream of tears”

  • tori

    It’s heartbreaking, it makes one question humanity, how can people be so cruel, because that’s what it is…cruelty, not just the way they are treating her but denying him what he needs, someone that loves and understands him.

    ps yeah i worked out how to add your blog, i want a gold star lol

    • Rye

      You have earned a gold star from me!

      I just wish I make it better for her. I tear up every time I think of not being able to say goodbye to Sir, or even my parents or my kids. Who would put another person through that. Even if they had a justifiable reason not to like her, that’s still no excuse to deny a dying man and his grieving lover a last goodbye.


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