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New Toys

Rye showing off her nipple vices.
Not a great photo, but we tried out Sir’s new toys last night. He was nice and didn’t tighten them too tight since I am still getting healthy. They are actually quite nice. The pressure is spread evenly so, while it hurts, it doesn’t pinch as much as clothes pins. And don’t they look like pretty little torture devices?

8 Responses to “New Toys”

  • kaya

    Very pretty!

    • CollaredMom

      Thanks! I like them too. Now, once Sir has my nipples pierced, they may become less fun.

  • ancilla_ksst

    They are pretty! Ouch to the piercings, though.

    • CollaredMom

      Thanks. I certainly like these more than the riding crop.

  • Florida Dom

    You have really sexy tits and they look so nice in the clamps. I bet he loves playing with your tits. Do you know when he will have them pierced? And any other piercings planned?


    • CollaredMom

      Thanks. They are a feature that I do actually enjoy about my body. Not sure when he will have them pierced. We were waiting until I weaned the baby, but now that that is done, I am not sure. He has also discussed a clit piercing, but I am trying to distract him with shiny objects for awhile to avoid that one.

  • ancilla_ksst

    LOL distract him with shinies! Let me know if that works ;).

    • CollaredMom

      Yeah, I don’t hold out much hope either. At first he was just doing ‘research’, which basically meant he was watching porn, but then he started doing real research. Now he’s decided it’s in the cards and I keep offering up other tattoos in order to hold him off.


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