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An uncollared submissive struggling through depression, motherhood, and the constant craving of her next orgasm.

The Art of Begging

Begging was always something that he was into. I have to ask permission to cum. Which really means I have to beg. He never says yes if I do not beg. The same is true if I want him to stop hitting me. Though realistically, he never stops impact play before he wants to. However, being sick this week has brought about an interesting change.

I am begging for me. That sounds bad, so let me explain. I begged him to let me give him oral. It was a very selfish attempt to help my throat (it was logical in my horny head). He has been trying to be nice since I have been unwell. But after two weeks away I wasn’t really looking for nice. I know he didn’t want to get sick, but let’s be real, myself and both kids were under the weather, it was bound to happen. He could have at least let me suck his dick beforehand.

And so, the begging commenced. I begged for little things to practice, like tea, or an extra blanket. You know you are in trouble when begging for tea turns you on. And I tried my best not to be too snippy or bratty; something I have oft been accused of while ill. I consider myself a good beggar. I mean, I know that my coughing fits sounded pretty scary, and my voice was funny because my nose was stuffed up. But I was trying my best. I really needed a good fuck, sick or not, and I was willing to beg my butt off to get it.

So when he brushed my nipple this morning I jumped. I started to immediately rub against him as much as I could. I sat in my desk chair to get my face at dick level, in hopes to inspire him. I know it was manipulative. Some may call it topping from the bottom, I call it creative begging. Hey, I was sick and horny; don’t judge me. And, in the end, everything worked out. Sir gave me a great fuck and settled me down until I can feel better and truly be what he wants.

The big personal growth for me, however, was learning to appreciate begging and the various situations where it can be relevant. Begging is not just me asking for him to forgive me during a punishment. It can be one of the most respectful ways for me to ask for what I want. This has been a real struggle for me so this realization while I was sick was surprising and welcome. While I completely respect the idea behind, ‘giving you want you need, not always what you want’, it is difficult for me to verbalize what I want when he does ask. Having begging as a mechanism to convey wants to him rather than just stopping is freeing somehow. And having such a realization while sick, almost made the uncomfortable ache worth it.
He will still probably have to tell me to beg in scenes for a while. But now that I have a real idea how to go about it, I will certainly enjoy it more. And since I am apparently good at it, hopefully I can use my skills to please Sir more often, if he lets me, of course.

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8 Responses to “The Art of Begging”

  • DtBHC

    Hi CollaredMum, I do hope you all feel better soon. I hadn’t considered begging as an appropriate way of communication desires but I can see how that might work. I was wondering how you make it so that it doesn’t appear as whining or sulking?

    • CollaredMom

      I am very selective and I do it seldom at best. This is a fairly new revelation/idea, so it may yet become negated by Sir entirely. My few successful attempts were not taken as topping from the bottom, but that may change. I will keep you posted.

    • DtBHC

      Hi Collared Mum, I’ve thought more about it and I think I actually petition rather than beg or request. If done sparingly and respectively I think that this could be acceptable.

  • K in New England

    Hi CollaredMum, interesting post. I agree with DtBHC. I really hadn’t considered begging to be appropriate, more to topping from the bottom but I too can see how it could work so long as it doesn’t aggravate the top and make you seem needy and demanding. Hope you feel better.

    • CollaredMom

      I am sure with overuse, he could rule it out as demanding. I think in this sick instance it worked as he accepted the needy. In a ‘we are both healthy’ situation that may not be the case.

  • tori

    I love begging, not always easy, dependent on the purpose of the begging, im not allowed to beg/ask for an orgasm, i have to see if he will allow it…so unfair.

    What i think is a good thing about begging, it shows them desperation, how needy we are for something and that they have the power to give or deny.

  • Curvaceous Dee

    I am amused at begging for tea – but sounds like something I need to try 🙂

    xx Dee

  • Molly

    This is an interesting post showing the journey of your thoughts and experiences on this topic. My Dom (and I agree with him) believe that topping from the bottom doesn’t really exist it is just another form of communication, the key is that the Dom gets to decide if they act on it or not and of course if someone is topping from the bottom then there must also be bottoming from the top 😉



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