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TMI: Spring the Season of Love

1. Spring vacation, will you take one? Where?

I already had my spring vacation, I guess. The boys and I went to the United Kingdom for two weeks to visit my parents in Mid-February. I’m not sure that counts as spring though. No real plans for another vacation any time soon though. I would love it if Sir and I could get away somewhere for a few days, but we’ll have to see how his work schedule sorts itself out.

2. Do you become friskier as the temperatures outside heat up?

To a point. When we get to the time of year that the heat doesn’t have to be on all the time and we don’t have to sleep with the covers tucked up under our chins, that will certainly help. But then you hit that temperature where you are just so hot that you don’t want anything to touch you; I’m finding it hard to remember that right now with all the snow outside.

3. Do you flirt more in spring vs. other times of the year?

I would say yes. I pull out the skirts when we get to spring. Long or short, without under ware I tend to get more extroverted with the flirting.

4. Do you dress sexier in the spring?

Again, I would say yes with more skirts. I shave all year for Sir, but when I start wearing dresses I spend a little more time on it. And I think sandals are a lot sexier than boots. That be said, never doubt the sex factor of a pair of fluffy slippers.

5. What day of the week do you have sex most often?

Probably Friday. Sir isn’t worried about getting up the next morning for work, so he’s willing to stay up later to play. 

6. Do you use kissing as an important way to test out a new mate? Good kissers, keep and move forward to another stage in a budding relationship. Bad kissers, get pruned and dumped.

I would say that I do. I haven’t had a very long list of mates, but being a good kisser is definitely a deal breaker. Of course, I will admit, I’m not really the best kisser. I know, I know, quite the hypocrite. I’m not sure why. I don’t think I get my face centered well and I always have to pull back to breathe. And I tend to get distracted really easy. Moving to kissing the neck, chest, or other tasty bits can often force the lips to take a back seat. Something I need to work on as Sir really enjoys a good make-out session.

7. What do you expect from marriage?
a. safety and solidarity and security
b. a journey towards self-fulfillment and self-actualization with a partner that ‘gets’ you.

I think that it is A as we embark on B. Sir and I really do ‘get’ each other for the most part. And he has been exceedingly supportive of everything from my career to me wanting to be his slave. But I don’t think I would have felt comfortable with any of that without a certain about of safety and security in our lives. We still have a lot up in the air, especially as I re-enter the work force, but that balance of solidarity and ‘getting me’ is what makes us work so well.
8. Acts of love & kindness. Which would mean more to you:
a. Taking your partner a cup of tea in bed (or receiving that cup of tea)
b. Giving or receiving a box of chocolates or flowers

I’m a big gift giver. When I see something that Sir (or my mom, or the kids) would really like, I am likely to buy it. Usually nothing expensive, but I do make an effort to be thoughtful about why I think they would like it. However, I would have to go with A on this one. Especially as we have both been sick this last week, the effort and care to prepare and deliver a cup of tea was difficult for me. And I know he appreciated it and recognized the love in the action.
Bonus: In your late teens or early 20s did you take wild spring break vacations with friends? What is the wildest, craziest, sexiest thing you did on a “gone wild” spring break?

No vacations to south Florida for me. My aunt and uncle live in Fort Lauderdale, FL and I kind of got my fill of the place during the calmer parts of the year. I did get quite drunk at a friend’s birthday party while on spring break once. She and her little sister had the same birthday, so earlier in the day the younger had a kid’s party. She had a clown and a bouncy castle. But in the evening, my friend had her party, and they didn’t take the bouncy castle down. So there were several drunk teens (we were in England, so I was legal to drink) jumping around on this kid’s toy. Then, when it got dark, couples paired off into various corners of the castle for make-out and grope sessions. I found myself in a back corner with lovely muscular man for several hours of tonsil hockey fun. Good times.

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