Chasing Me Chasing You

An uncollared submissive struggling through depression, motherhood, and the constant craving of her next orgasm.

A New Day

“You really thought I was going to take your collar? You doubted me.” It wasn’t a question, but I felt compelled to respond.

“Yes, Sir.” I couldn’t lie, but it was still hard. Looking back I was ashamed of my behavior, but in that moment of panic I was just trying to be honest. I should have taken a step back, stopped and thought about what I knew about him. He would never walk away from me, he would never ask for my collar back. But the panic. That fear of having to continue day to day without D/s was shocking. I was halted by how afraid I was of losing the opportunity to submit. Of how much I didn’t want to return to a 50/50 relationship with him. As much as I struggle at times with endless housework, I still crave the grounding it provides.

“I believe that you need to be punished for your error, more than the regret I can see on your face. But this will be the end of this. You are not going to perseverate on this or any other past infraction. The slate will be wiped clean. Tomorrow you will begin self-reporting to me as part of your ‘you cannot know anything I don’t know’ rule. Do you understand?”

I nodded. A sense of calm came over me as I resigned myself to the pain and following forgiveness. After placing me over the spanking bench, he started to run a strap under me. While trying to figure out what he was doing to make this punishment worse, the vice clamps were put on my nipples and a string run between them. My wrists were locked and my knees strapped together. I try not to analyze too much when he is setting up, but after the emotional roller coaster of the last few days, I couldn’t help it. All the sudden I felt the vices start to pull. If I struggled, it just pulled more.

When I finally found a position where I wasn’t pulling on the nipple removal contraption, the Angry Red Bastard (ARB) made it’s appearance. The ARB was Sir’s kinky Christmas gift this year. It’s a crop with a whip tassel at the end that stings like you wouldn’t believe. He started with just the whip tip and every time I would jump in response, the nipple pulls would bring me back down. Let’s just say it was a very effective punishment. After several swings, he decided to try a few with the full force of the crop. The ‘bonus’, if you can call it that, is that the crop hit my ass and a second later the tassel came around and sliced into the side of my hip.

But, I did it. It was painful, it was supposed to be, but it’s over. And that clean slate feels amazing.


I’m not sure I like that Sir is so creative with these vice clamps. My purple nipples agree with me.


Trying to show the hip lines. As a point of pride, those are the marks that are still there this morning. I think this is the first time that I have marks that have lasted the night. A point of pride for me.



DSCN0631 2


Gratuitous ass shot. I’m proud of my marks. I know they don’t compare to many of those who post after-scene pictures, but they are a big step for me. I am sure that these will not be the worst or the last marks that Sir will give me. Because, well….Sadist. But as part of a new beginning I am happy to get them.

4 Responses to “A New Day”

  • ancilla ksst

    I love the marks! So pretty. I have a few from the whip still this morning, but they probably won’t show up in a picture.

    • Rye

      Thanks. We’ll see how long they last. I never really thought I would strive for marks, but it’s really addictive.

  • tori

    I was going to say you shouldnt be ashamed, i still think that, but i would more than likely feel the same way in your shoes, well i know i would, i guess because it might appear we have no faith in them or trust?

    But it cleared the air, and you have learnt from it.

    Lovely marks, i love to be marked, i miss them when there gone…so i have to beg for more lol

    • Rye

      My skin is so pale that they rarely last more than an hour or so, which made the ones still around this morning extra special. And I certainly wouldn’t compare my marks to yours or Kaya’s; I don’t know if I could ever give Sir something so special. But these were big for me, and I was excited at how much I enjoyed it.


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