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An uncollared submissive struggling through depression, motherhood, and the constant craving of her next orgasm.

Perfect Evening

Connections are fleeting. Great sex, a lovely cuddle, they don’t last forever. So, not only do you appreciate them while they happen, you cherish the memory of them.

Last night Sir was in a giving mood. We talked about some Sub issues that I have been having. Before D/s I had no issue flirting and very openly letting him know that I was eager for sex. But now I feel weird even playfully flirting with him. He listened patiently to my ramblings and then calmly explained that he didn’t mind my open flirtations. It’s still his call about whether he takes advantage of my offerings or not. So it’s okay.

And, after being turned to a gooey mass by his expert tongue, he told me that he was going to have my ass. I’m actually really getting turned on by anal. The prude that my parents tried to create in me has made it a struggle to enjoy things previously considered off limits. Even so, in my post-orgasmic state I was happy to do whatever he said. I have obviously been a very good girl lately because he even let me use a vibrator on my clit. A girl never feels more loved then when they are allowed to use a vibrator during anal. Trust me, it’s a fact.

So, amazing oral and vibrating anal done, we curled up in a puddle of naked and fun fluids. And we talked about college. We remembered all the great food at the dining hall. The nights when we lived with his mom right after college and we would sneak out (even though, as adults we didn’t need to sneak) late in the evening to get fast food. And he looked at me, and I looked at him,

“I’m starving”.

“Me, too”.

“I’ll go to McDonald’s, you get Bob’s Burgers cued up on Netflix”.

“I love us”.

“I love us too”.

It may not seem romantic to everyone. It may not be kinky enough for most. But it works for us.

2 Responses to “Perfect Evening”

  • tori

    Sounds like a lovely evening,

    Romance cannot be defined, i think its what means most to the individual couple, as for not being kinky enough for most, sod everyone else, your doing it your way and thats all that matters.

    • Rye

      To each is own. If nothing else, BDSM has taught me that. Everyone interprets kink differently, but the idea of not being judged is still new. In my vanilla life everything is always dissected. A world where people can be who they are without the fear of judgement is so freeing. Almost as freeing as the submission itself.


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