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Piercings – KOTW

Sir’s birthday is at the end of the month. I will get him a ‘real’ gift and a kinky gift, as per usual. But he also has decided that the time has come for my nipples to be pierced. He is taking care of all of it. He found a place he really likes and is going to make the appointment himself. I am hoping for some choice in the ring vs. barbell debate, but other than that I am going with the flow.

I’ll be honest, I’m not really a piercing fan. I’m more a tattoo girl. I got my ears pierced when I was thirteen and I’m not sure I ever wore earrings regularly. I got my upper cartiledge pierced when I was a senior in college. I’m not sure why, but it never healed right. Whenever I would get sick it would get infected, like reallocating my white blood cells to fight an infection elsewhere reopened the wound or something. Then, when I had my gallbladder removed, I remember a conversation with one of the nurses as I was being prepped for surgery. She said I would have to remove it, but I had had the ring in since I got it and hadn’t been able to get it out. Out of nowhere, Sir pipes up and says, “cut it out, it’s always infected, just get rid of it”. He was pretty freaked out about me having surgery, and I certainly wasn’t going to argue with him (this was before we started D/s, but when he gets really concerned or upset, it’s always better to pick your battles). So, right before they moved me into surgery they cut it off, and that’s been it for me and piercings.

So I was a little surprised, three years later, that Sir has now begun championing the idea of new metal. He mentioned it when I was still breastfeeding Baby 2.0, but that, obviously, wasn’t going to happen. So after the new year it came up again as a birthday gift. Not that I really mind. I’m a little concerned about sensitivity, but we’ll see what happens.

I just hope they heal quickly. Nipple play is really big for me. I’ve been surprised how much it has changed my orgasms, especially during oral. I’m know it will take time. But a strong mixture of excitement and horror will be staying with me until Sir’s birthday.

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  • KPinNewEngland

    Will be interesting to see how it goes. That is something that my Sir has talked about wanting to do but like you nipple play is big and the healing time as we understand is long.

    • Rye

      I’ve read it can take as much as a year. And, with my metal/piercing issues, I will be curious to see if that isn’t extended. I will certainly miss the nipple play, but I’m sure Sir will keep me busy 🙂

  • Velvet Rose

    It’s the long heal time that puts me off although the idea fascinates me. I will be interested to see how you get on!

    Velvet x

    • Rye

      I’m sure I will TMI everyone with the process and my laborious recovery details. 🙂

  • sub-Bee

    How strange, I removed my piercing when I had my gall bladder removed and I never put any of them back in again, even my ears. Sir doesn’t really like piercings so I’m unlikely to ever get them done again but a small part of me really wants my nipples and hood done.

    • Rye

      My hood is apparently on the ‘eventually’ list too. But we’ll see if I can distract him with shiny nipples for a while. I’m honestly scared about my hood. The idea of permanent nerve damage worries me.

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