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Sick Switching

Sir and I started our journey into BDSM by switching. He eventually decided it wasn’t really for him, but I still get ordered to edge him from time to time.

However, when Sir is sick or hurt, the switch in me comes out. Always respectful, obviously, but I will make him take care of himself.

He pulled something in his back last night; I think he slept on it wrong, but he is in a lot of pain this morning. So, working from home, he’s set up on the couch and I am working from my desk. But I make sure he takes drugs and keeps stretching. I will bring him water and pillows; take orders as normal. We even did our daily tasks like any other day. But I will make sure he eats; though, to be fair, that includes spoiling him and cooking him whatever he wants.

So, I guess it’s more ‘mom mode’ than switching, but to the outside world I’m sure it looks like I’m taking charge.

So, I’m curious as to how other D/s couples deal with this situation. If he orders me to care for him does that cover me telling him to go lay down or take more meds? Is forcing him to take it easy still respecting him and his authority?

I hope so. We are both terrible when we are sick, but just like those of you that commented that I need to care for myself in regards to my depression, I need him to take care of himself when he is hurting physically. Sometimes he needs a little push to do that.

I just have to watch how hard I push. Although, I could probably out run him with his back hurting this bad.

2 Responses to “Sick Switching”

  • Tamar

    We don’t switch, officially, but when I need to, I can and do take charge. We do butt heads over it from time to time but he’s pretty good at knowing when I’ve stepped too far on purpose and want to be punished and when it’s something really important and I’m just doing what needs to be done- in which case he trusts me to lead and follows my lead. It seems to work for us. It doesn’t change who we are, or what role we each prefer to be in- it just means we are a team and we work together well, least that’s how I see it.

    • Rye

      Makes sense to me. I see a lot of this as a ‘whatever works for you’ thing. I’m glad that others seem to work with the system in a similar way to us.


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