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Friday’s here…ugh

So much to do today. We are headed to my mother-in-laws for the weekend. And the list of to dos keeps growing.

-Finish my project for work and email it to my boss


-Dishes (all of them, so they won’t be sitting out while we are gone)

-Pack up the boys clothes/diapers/food for the weekend

-Pack Sir and my clothes and toiletries for the weekend

-Pack up meds and the baby food I made yesterday

-Make apple mango baby food with the ripe mango we have

-Find a way to keep the garage door closed while we are gone (it’s not ours, it’s the landlords, but Sir doesn’t want it swinging open)

-Pack up dog food and bowls.

-Get stroller out of the back of the car.

-Clean out fridge

-Take out trash

So that is my day. Plus a million little things that I can’t motivate myself to do this morning.

Last night was a ‘just us’ night. Nothing overly fancy, just the two of us being together. We don’t get many nights like that. He still called me a slut. But I was cuddled and kissed slut.

Wish me luck on my long list today. I’m going to need it.

4 Responses to “Friday’s here…ugh”

  • ancilla ksst

    Good luck! I hope it goes smoothly.

    • Rye

      Thanks. Slow but sure. Hit a few snags, but got my project to the boss, so that’s at least one thing done. Hope you have a good Friday too!

  • Midas

    Thats quite a list. I only needed to do a boss project, and prepare for bbq tonight 🙂 which is sizzling as I type.
    Good luck on yours !

    • Rye

      I’ll trade you. BBQ sounds great. Hope you have a great time.


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