Chasing Me Chasing You

An uncollared submissive struggling through depression, motherhood, and the constant craving of her next orgasm.

I am….

So I may have started out our date on the wrong foot. We were early for the movie, so Sir took me to Michael’s to look for some scrapbook paper for the books I am making for the boys. We were wondering around the store and he stopped to look at a display for moon sand. If you haven’t seen this stuff, it’s like playdoh, but lighter and it crumbles like sand. It’s definitely an odd texture. But he touched it and then told me to as well. So I did. But I didn’t realize that there was a lot of glitter in it that subsequently stuck to my hand. And, being the anti-glitter fanatic that I am, I immediately tried to rub the glitter off my fingers. Unfortunately, the first thing my fingers found was Sir’s shirt. I looked up as soon as I realized what I had done, but his eyes were already popping out of his head. I think if he could have, I would have gotten my punishment immediately. Instead he told me I would receive twenty swats, but he wasn’t going to let it ruin the evening. Stupid glitter.

We went to go see Avengers: Age of Ultron. We are both pretty dorky when it comes to the Marvel universe, so it was nice to get to see it in the theatre. We both enjoyed it, but I think the first Avenger’s movie was better. A lot of talented actors though. Hey, it was two and a half hours where I got to sit and relax, get felt up, and not have a kid screaming at me. I’ll take it.

Dinner was really nice too. Just the chance to talk. Regular talks about how we are doing and constructive criticism for both of us has been a huge help. And I think that has helped his self-confidence to take me where he wants and my self-confidence to let him. We have been more honest and up-front about our needs during the last ten months of this process than the previous six years of our marriage and two years of dating. Our drive back we just sat in this quiet connection.

We got the kids to bed and chatted for bit with my mother-in-law. Then Sir told me to go to our room, strip, and get into present position on his side of the bed. I think I skipped down the hall. He walked in and got ready for bed. I think he played on his IPad for a minute or so, he likes to make me wait. I could smell how turned on I was; I know he could too. He went and got his belt and put it around my neck. Then he took me for ‘a walk’. I don’t know how some of those women crawl and look sexy and graceful. I’m sure I looked like a clunky farm animal trying to keep up.

He took me to the bed and told me to get into position for my punishment. I had really hoped he had forgotten about the glitter, but no. He was generous with the twenty smacks, it could have been a lot more. However, he chose to put them all in the same spot and by number seven I was squirming. My left ass cheek was warmer than my right for the rest of the night. But when he was fucking me, I’m not really sure I cared. Besides, I had other things to keep my busy.

I know some Dom’s like to sing, or talk, or even whistle during sex. Sir isn’t much of a talker. Though when he gets close to coming he growls and it’s the sexiest thing I’ve ever heard. Anyway, Sir likes me to talk during sex. It’s usually something specific. A mantra, or a phrase he wants me to complete. Last night’s was “I am”. I had to list all the pet names that Sir calls me. As many as I could think of.

I am Rye. I am cunt. I am fuckpuppet. I am fuckmeat. I am slut. I am hole. I am a thing for you to put your dick into. I am a mouth, a pussy, an asshole for Sir.

Then I had to repeat it. Also, to keep my brain from getting to relaxed, I had to ‘be nice’ and alternately, ‘be mean’ to my nipples at his command. The sensory overload was torture and bliss. It’s amazing to me how those two things go hand and hand.

It was an amazing night. The communication is having a direct effect on both of us and it’s great.

Now I need to go unload the groceries since Sir was nice enough to go to the store and let me stay here and write.


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