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Kink with Kids

I don’t write a lot about the kids on here. I tweet about making applesauce with them, but that’s about it. However, as half my username is mom and I have been pondering things lately, I figured I would get your take on it.

When we started this journey we already had children. I was actually pregnant when we decided to start looking at D/s seriously. And since then it hasn’t been the smoothest of roads. There were several times when we wistfully looked back and thought about how easy it would have been before kids. But then again, without them, we may not have ended up here at all. And I would never wish them away, even on nights without sleep and constant screaming.

But lately I have been considering the future. Sir and I currently share a wall with the boys’ room, hopefully that will be rectified in the new house. We try to scene downstairs, when possible, after the kids are asleep. It’s my job to pick up the toys beforehand, but even put away, they don’t create a very sexy atmosphere. But as much as I would love a 50 Shades dungeon in the new house, I’m not holding my breath.

I guess I feel like in a weird way, as long as the kids are living with us they will be part of our BDSM (not in an icky away). They will always be a consideration when we play. I will never be able to vocally go 100% when they are in the house. Sir can’t go all out like he wants to. But we have time when they are visiting grandma’s or my parents to enjoy ourselves.

We will continue to plan and think of a time when we will have an empty home. I sort of hate that though. That I am trying to rush them to grow up and move out, just so I can get my kicks. I love them tiny, and they will never be tiny again. So, if my kinkiness has to wait, it’s not a big deal. I mean, it was ignored completely for ten years of my sexually active life. I can enjoy the bits that we get until our Dom overlords decide we’re not cool enough to spend time with anymore. I still won’t change my name though.

2 Responses to “Kink with Kids”

  • Midas

    Totally get your point. It requires patience and planning. Even here with 15 and 19 years old kids. I see it as a challenge to even control the weaving of ‘real-life’ and ‘scenes’.

    • Rye

      I completely agree. I’m glad you can balance with kids that age, it bodes better for us. And I’m all about the challenge.:)


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