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More Randomness

As part of the Random Things about Me series that is going around, if you responded in the comments, you were provided a number which you then were to share that many facts about yourself. But, not all commentators have a venue to share their wonderful randomness.

BlueberryFizz, who is a great sport by the way, commented and provided random facts for me to share. If you comment, I won’t give you a number (unless you ask), but these were too great not to share. Enjoy and thanks for playing along BlueberryFizz.
1. I have been witness to a bronze boar, a headless angel, a pensive individual, a dapper prime minister named for an elevated place of worship, and many instances and periods of landscape.
2. The end of the Great Wall, where the jellyfish beach, is interesting to see if you can avert your camera away from the nearby the artillery kept gleaming by friendly, smoking members of the military.
3. I make the best pizza outside of Via Arduino and my favorite kitchen tool is my bench scraper. I also make cakes, muffins, scones, cookies and all other bakery stuff, but it isn’t as good.
4. I have looked for a Scottish monster.
5. Dulce et Decorum Est leaves me in tears, but the Road Less Travelled, The Raven and Tithonus echo with me as well.
6. My Kindle broke. I didn’t care. Books should be on paper, it makes the ideas tangible and lasting.
7. There is a mango on the counter calling my name. It is nice, ripe, and juicy, similar to Williams’ plums. I will eat it without a note, though.
8. I go to Walmart, not because I have to, but because there is always a chance for something funny to happen.
9. I find people interesting.
10. I like coffee in all shapes and forms. Thankfully, I may indulge.
11. I don’t care who you vote for, just vote and realize the winner is the winner. Stop griping and bring intelligent arguments to the forefront if you have a problem.
12. I adore movies. My guilty pleasures are 27 Dresses and Fools Gold.
13. Early jazz recordings are my favorite, but my iPod has music on it from the 15th century all the way to last week in all genres except country music (after Patsy Cline).
14. There is magic in the world, just look at plants growing, bees pollinating, and yeast rising.
15. My Mistress is my wife, best friend, the greatest person in the world and she completes me in every way.

6 Responses to “More Randomness”

  • tori

    I must have missed that post, in fact im missing a few peoples posts…blog roll not updating.

    Anyway, i always enjoy these random facts, and things like that, find out things that perhaps people dont normally mention on their blog…and besides im nosy 🙂

    • Rye

      If you want to play along, feel free. Your number is 14.

      I am sorry to hear you are missing my posts. I was having that issue before too and had to completely remove and reinstall my blogroll. Hope yours is an easier fix. The original post is 12 Random Facts About Me. I posted it last week. I even have pictures 🙂

      • tori

        Yep i shall happily play along, i like this sort of thing.

        I dont know whats up with my damn blogroll, but its doing my head in, it sporadically decides not to update, or im not following anyone at all!

        • Rye

          Great. Can’t wait to read it.

          Yeah, I have the same problem with my blog roll from time to time. Sometimes it is certain sites, sometimes it’s everything. Sorry I can’t help.

  • Midas

    I missed this one as well ? :/
    I love nr8. We dont have walmart here, but anytime im in the us, i go there for the same reason 🙂 lol

    • Rye

      I thought No. 8 was good too. I will admit that I avoid Walmart, but I’m sure hilarious things do happen there.


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