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Never Say Never Again

Last month I wrote a post for Kink of the Week entitled Never Say Never. It was a piece about how I never really thought that Sir and I would get into water sports, but that I was always open to new experiences. About how my current situation with small boys has me dealing with too much urine as it is and I didn’t really think I would get anything from the experience for quite some time. I mean, I have been peed on before and didn’t get anything from it at all; it was by a two year old, but I figured urine is urine.

The world constantly proves to me that I am silly cunt, you would think I would know by now.

*                                   *                                     *                                     *

As I was walking out to mow the lawn Sir shook his water bottle at me.

‘It’s my third one.’ And the grin appeared.

Earlier in the day he asked me to consider and specify my limits with water sports. I explained that I wasn’t entirely comfortable, but I was willing to try someday. I don’t think he gave a flying flip if I was comfortable. But I also thought it was just a passing conversation. I had talked to him when I had written the post last month and he wasn’t into it. He wasn’t into trying it. He was happy for me to write about how we were taking it off the table for the foreseeable future, if not ever.

So after the lawn was mowed and I was a sweaty mess I headed up stairs to shower. Our mower is self-propelled, but it doesn’t work all the time; and by all time, I mean it stops whenever I hit a small incline. I had taken my grass covered shoes off on the back step, but my clothes were gross, as was I. As I walked into our room I aw Sir standing next to the bed, naked from the waist down. The grin returned. How he manages to find my exact most vulnerable moment I will never know. Sweaty, dirty, and sore; maybe he is just drawn to me like that and it turns him on.

Take off your clothes and come to the bathroom.

Stripping actually took a little longer than normal as everything was stuck to me, but I was finally able to remove the grass covered garments. I took my hair down walked into bathroom. He pushed me to my knees. He had removed my collar so my neck tattoo touch-ups could heal (a horrifically emotional 24-hours, let me tell you). But he decided I could have it back as a show of his ownership of me and a reward for my good behavior. I think he knew how much it messed with my head to have it off. He had me lean forward so he could lock in place again. I took the tip of his cock in my mouth and swirled my tongue around it. After he stood back up I continued to suck on him for awhile. He grabbed my hair to pull me back off of him.

Get in the shower. Present.

I crawled over to the shower, turned around so I could face him, and got into position. He stood over me in this territorial, animalistic way that I have never seen from him before. Maybe it’s the way he stands when he takes me from behind, but for obvious reasons I wouldn’t know.

I’m not sure what I was feeling. I think just a weird mix of apprehension and fear. I wasn’t afraid that he would push me, or that I would safeword. I think I was afraid I would like it. I sat there in this state of anxiety.

And I sat there, and I sat there.

‘I guess I shave a shy bladder.’

I bit my lip to keep from laughing. Eventually, he relaxed enough from my teasing. It was hot. Temperature wise and just plain erotic. I felt marked and owned and amazing. I practically arched my back into it. I was so in the moment of being a slave that when he finished I immediately took him in mouth. I wanted to express this feeling of complete ownership and joy I had. I must have gotten my point across as he quickly told me to get up and turn around. My definition of sex in the shower has been forever changed.

‘You are my piss-covered cumslut fuck puppet.’

He left me to get cleaned up. By now I really needed it. But I as stood in the shower I started to come down from whole scene and think about its various events. It wasn’t horrible. Not only that, it was kind of nice. I am not sure that the actual pee really turned me on, but the act certainly did. The territorial nature of it was exceptionally erotic. Being marked in that way had a possessive overtone that I have never experienced before. I washed off the external marking, but still felt this overarching sense of calm.

All afternoon I smiled with it. He seemed to enjoy himself too. He kept screaming from the other room.

Dang it, I have to pee.

Almost depressed that he couldn’t use it to lay his claim on me again. He wasn’t the only one. I really like my new name too.

9 Responses to “Never Say Never Again”

  • ancilla ksst

    I’m just grinning, what a wonderful description of your first time. It is hot!

    • Rye

      I never would have thought. Glad it gave you a grin though. I knew you would. 🙂

  • Sir

    She was grinning too.
    Next time I’m going to make her hold eye contact the whole time.

  • tori

    Yay..good for you, you must be well pleased with yourself especially as it wasnt that long ago it was off the cards, im sure he is very pleased with you also.

    A very hot description, and im happy for you that it wasnt as bad as you thought it might be, i think the think to remember is that it does wash off lol

    • Rye

      I was proud of myself for going with the flow. That has been difficult in the past. An older version of me would have resisted and whined. And that me would have missed out on a great experience and chance to connect with Sir.

  • Midas

    *big smile* glad the exPEErience was nice for the both of you.

    • Rye

      Thanks. Me too.

  • abby

    Hmmm….I love your description of this….i never thought it would be something i would ask for..or even hint at…..but you have me re-thinking…
    hugs abby

    • Rye

      Thank you. That means a lot. It really wasn’t something I really considered either. I am sure it could have gone the other way just as easily, I am glad I tried it though. If you decide it is something that you want to try I hope it goes well for you.


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