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New Job Title

Remember the tea tray I posted a week or so ago? Well Sir decided that as much as he liked it, he would like something, ‘more artistic’.
DSCN0648 (1)

It appears that I have a new job title. Obviously, I didn’t spill any. It’s his good whiskey, if any had hit the floor, my ass would have been a completely different color.


Sir took several pictures while pulling on the nipple clamps (sorry you cannot see them) and laughing. I cropped most of them down. But I decided to leave this one to show real life. I certainly wouldn’t want you to think we have some dungeon set-up of leather and satin. This is our real life. Playing in the living room, with our son’s playpen in one corner with our toddlers Octonaut toys and blocks on the floor. But he still thinks I am sexy and worthy of being his drink holder, even when he has to move a stuffed animal to sit down on the couch and enjoy it.


I love this pose. I love the way I look for him. I love how much of my back is left to tattoo. I love how my hair looks, how even though my hips are wide, they look proportional in this shot. I don’t feel fat. I am just his.

8 Responses to “New Job Title”

  • tori

    Great pictures, love the tattoo on your back…does it represent anything in particular?..the hand one.

    We are lucky enough to have our own dungeon, in a building in the garden, however although my children (they dont belong to my Master) are older, it presents different kinds of problems… cant fob them off easily….i tell them its our sex room…that tends to put them off pretty quickly lol

    • Rye

      I can’t wait to have a sex room. Every house we look at Sir points out every closet or extra space we could use.

      The tattoo is of Sir’s hand. I wanted something more personal to show my submission than just an infinity symbol. Though no judgement to anyone that has one of those, I will probably get one eventually. But it’s his left hand and it has his wedding ring on it too. And on either side of his hand is the poem Desire by Samuel Taylor Coleridge. It’s like our song.

  • tori

    Oh wow, thats lovely, not heard of that poem before..had to google, i think it means more when it is unique and has special meaning to you both, rather than being something generic.

    • Rye

      I picky like that with all my tattoos. I am not all about tattooing names or my kid’s birthdays, but I have personal symbols and images for everyone important in my life. I like that form of personal expression. And I can cover them all up to look professional if I have too. We are anything but generic; which is not always a good thing, but it works for us.

      Glad you like the poem too. It’s been special to us from even before BDSM.

  • Midas

    I love the reality in your posts and pictures. It shows how D/s dynamic can be blended into every day life. No seperate play room here either, or at least not yet …

    Very nice tattoo, and the whiskey is being taken good care of .. “whiskey on the cheecks” .. lol

    • Rye

      I think that’s one of the big things I try to portray with this blog (I was thinking about my motivation for writing recently). I want to show how real life intertwines with TTWD. How sometimes we have to make it work with what we have. From showing my non-model body type to our children’s toys and dog bones.

      I have learned to always protect and care for the whiskey. His whiskey and Rye.

  • ancilla ksst

    You are beautiful!
    Our bedroom is our sex room, usually, because it has a lock to prevent night wanderings-in by children, but now and then the couch gets used as well. Or the kitchen counter to bend over…or the barn…

    • Rye

      Oh what Sir would do with a barn….

      Thank you for the lovely compliment. I never felt beautiful until we started this. It’s amazing the things we learn about ourselves through this process.

      And our bedroom is often our sex room too, but since it shares a wall with the kids, we often go downstairs for higher impact scenes. Hopefully not forever though. Carrying everything up and down the stairs is a pain.


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