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RNB Award Nomination



Jack, over at Frisky in the 916, was nice enough to nominate me for a RNB award. The questions he came up with were very thoughtful and different from the last set, so I thought I would give it a go. I really appreciate the support from the blogging community and all of the various readers. Your interest and support of this process has been amazing. So below are his questions and my (hopefully not too bland) answers. Thanks again!

1. How would you categorize your blog? Or does it defy categorization?

Often I would say it’s the ramblings of an idiot. On a good day I would call it a documentation of Sir and My’s 24/7 TPE relationship. We are transitioning our BDSM outside the bedroom with two young children. I talk about everything from the frustration of potty-training (the toddler, not me) to our various scene’s and issues. It’s not always sexy, but it’s always real.

2. What is the single greatest benefit that blogging provides you?

This blog has provided me with a wonderful community of support and feedback. Since our move, we haven’t really dived into the local scene and finding suitable childcare isn’t always an option. I find that I can express my feelings best in writing and can get my point across clearly. That outlet has been an enormous help.

3. Have you experienced any negativity as a direct result of blogging? If so, what is it and how did you overcome it?

I need to be careful how much about our lives I reveal in the blog. Sir has gotten upset with me in the past as I have given too much detail that could reveal our identities. Because of his job and reputation, we cannot be as open about our lifestyle as we both would like. Now I have him check personal details so that he feels comfortable with the information that I share.

4. Do you use a free blogging service such as WordPress or Blogger, or do you self-host? Why?

I used to use blogger. I was very happy with it. But after their threats to privatize my blog back in February and March, I decided I needed more stability. So I went with a recommended host and have been very happy with the results. I have great tech support and personalization options. It’s not free anymore, but I think it’s worth the cost to be able to post my own content without fear of censorship.

5. Do you blog anonymously, or are your family and offline friends aware of your blog?

I try my best to be anonymous. Only one of my closest friends knows about our relationship and that I have a blog. She doesn’t know what it is, nor does she follow it. No one in our extended family know about our lifestyle. I’m not really sure about how they would take it; probably just want to make sure we were both happy. But it’s not worth the conversation, nor is it really their business.

6. How would you describe your writing process? Exactly how do you come up with subject matter and compose your posts?

Haphazard would be my goto word. I generally write what I am thinking at the time. I will write down notes if I think of topics or quotes that I want to write about, but largely, I just sit down in the morning and write my thoughts. I find that that is the most real way to approach it. It does mean that I wish sometimes that I could go back and rewrite, but that wouldn’t be my realistic process.

7. What’s the last movie you watched?

Honestly…50 Shades of Grey. We didn’t go see it in the theatre, but decided to buy it on Blu-ray so we could watch it in the privacy of our own home. Neither of us were completely blown away by it. I would still like to write a review, as it is one of my 101 Things, but we’ll see if I get around to it in the next few days while it is fresh in my mind.


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