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Balance concerns

I do not have time for allergies and a sinus headache this morning. My list is too long. We are heading to my parents for Father’s Day and Sir wants to leave when he gets home from work. So on top of my regular work, workout, and chores I have to get things packed up and in the car for when he gets home.

Should make for an interesting day. Not sure how my work out will go with my head feeling this large. I am worried I will tip over during my cardio.

And you can blame Sir for my bland post. I asked (very nicely) for some hot pictures to post today of me being clamped and beaten and forced to crawl around the downstairs last night. He chose not to. And I am not good at selfies while I’m crawling, sorry.

2 Responses to “Balance concerns”

  • ancilla ksst

    Well, at least we can imagine the scene ;). Hope your head gets better. Mine was aching a little while ago. Then my stomach felt weird, so of course I took some ibuprofen and went for a run. Amazingly enough, I feel better.

    • Rye

      Thanks. Pain meds are helping me too. And the boys even let me lay down for a few minutes, which made a huge difference. Slowly picking up the pace and getting more done.

      Maybe I can convince him to take some photos this weekend.


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