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Birthday Suit

So I have slept naked for probably the last fifteen years. Ever since high school, I’m not really sure why. Pajamas were just so much work. Luckily for me, my college roommate didn’t mind (her bisexuality and my luscious breasts helped). My parents think I’m weird. Sir never really said anything, so I figured he didn’t care. Easier access for him, right?

But watching porn, everyone has a shirt on. It’s that weird shirt up over the face or shirt as a gag or just oddly sitting in the torso area. I guess sometimes they use it like a handle, but that’s still just looks uncomfortable. But it did get me thinking about clothes. Sexy underwear and stockings are everywhere. Clothes provide this sense of mystery. A sensuality somehow that naked cannot. I never would have thought that.

Since I am guest in my parents house, I wear clothes to bed when we visit. And when we came home on Sunday I decided to wear underwear and a camisole to bed. Sir noticed and commented, but he also seemed turned on. More turned on than just being naked?

Curious as to other subs/slaves if you have to sleep naked or clothed? Do you have a uniform while at home or during scenes? I’m so used to sleeping naked, it was odd, but I could get used to it if it was something that he enjoyed. So I’m not sure which is the best way to go. Due to the kids and our limited time together, a full corset with stockings and garters isn’t really an option every time we scene. But some simple cotton panties and a thin shirt have an allure that I could get behind.

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  • Chloë

    It’s an interesting one. I tend to sleep naked, mainly because sleeping next to Mike is like sleeping beside a furnace. One thing we are very much into is the whole Clothed Male Naked Female thing. That’s not to say I’m always completely naked, sometimes I’ll be in suspenders, stockings and heels, but to have him clothed (ideally in a suit) while I am almost completely bare emphasises his dominance.

    I agree though, that a certain amount of covering up can add to the allure in a way that full nakedness can’t. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a big fan of being naked, but naked requires very little effort whereas something like a corset (which I also love) shows that you’ve put some thought into how you want him to see you and gives him something to unwrap, and I do love being undressed by him so he can use me as he sees fit.


    • Rye

      I completely agree! I am all about the unwrapping 🙂 And Sir is also a furance.

      When we scene he is often clothed and I am naked. I think it helps my frame of mind as well as his own. Somehow unzipping his pants and servicing his cock is hotter than when he is naked. I have no idea why that is. Just a sub thing maybe?

  • subhubphx

    What a great post. I am required to sleep naked unless there circumstances in the house that make it inappropriate (sick child in bed with, etc). When we are alone and in the absence of special instructions otherwise, I am also required to be naked for her without having to be reminded of that requirement. During scenes or punishment, I am always required to be naked before her. This doesn’t happen as often as either of us would like because our home is the gathering place for friends of our children.

    • Rye

      We are getting to that point too. I think Sir would like me naked most of the time, but kids are a reality. The infant obviously doesn’t care what I’m wearing, but the three year old is getting pretty aware. Though he loves to run around naked himself, so maybe it’s not that big of an issue 🙂

  • Simina

    What I wear to bed right now is typically dictated by the temperature of my room. i.e., I tend to sleep naked or mostly naked in the summer and sleep in all the clothes ever in the winter.

    Daddy sleeps naked, and has expressed that I will likely do the same when we are living together. He always sexts with the presupposition that I am never wearing clothes. I tease him about that often. I don’t anticipate having a specific uniform for play time. If he wants me to put on a special outfit, he’ll tell me. He did tell me that he will buy me lots of cheap panties because he likes to rip them off.

    Also, the sleeping naked thing is more his style, because he does it and he likes the easy access thing. Prior to my back problems, I typically slept in the “Starfish” position. When I told him this “Cool, you sleep in the ‘rape me’ position. Perfect.”

    • Rye

      That last line made Sir chuckle. Sigh.

  • Dubs

    And like everything, Rye, there’s a “study” for birthday suit sleeping! (Being in a family with medical researchers, I can tell you, without reservation, that most medical studies are complete horseshit, done simply to keep grant monies coming in. And if the “study” is “interesting” horseshit and it makes it out of the science journals and into the mainstream, the lab boffins jump up and down in anticipation of even more money next year!)

    • Rye

      Hey, I’m a sucker for reports saying that chocolate is good for me and sleeping naked is healthy. I’m sure anything can be justified by a medical study given the right sample.


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