Chasing Me Chasing You

An uncollared submissive struggling through depression, motherhood, and the constant craving of her next orgasm.


Last night I was talking to Sir about being in a good mood. I told him that I like it better when he is a good mood when we go to bed. I meant that in order to get the boy to bed smoothly and to play, it’s just easier when he’s in a good mood. I wasn’t trying to be cryptic. However, in the past, I haven’t been clear.

He read it that I wanted to talk to him about something serious. Not sure why he pulled that from what I said, but he did. He thought I wanted him in a good mood so that I could give bad news or something.

This used to be a big trigger for him. He would ask me what it’s about. Peppering me with questions until I broke down and told him. Even if I wasn’t ready or had thought through everything I wanted to say. This would lead to confrontation and one or both of us saying something that we didn’t mean. I would be frustrated by being pushed and he would always feel like I was holding back. Like I was keeping what was really bothering me from him.

When we got into bed he seemed very relaxed. I asked if he was ok.

He said that when we used to have the ‘threat’ (his word, not mine) of a serious conversation he would get really stressed. But tonight, he felt good. Like he trusted me more (again, his phrase). He wasn’t worried about what I might say (when he thought we were ‘talking’) or what I was keeping from him. He knows that if I need to talk, I will, and I will be honest about whatever it is. There is no longer concerns about what I am keeping from him. This dynamic has given him the confidence in me and us.

I think it’s the calmest he has ever been. Calmer that post-orgasm. He came to bed happy, just like I wanted, and he went to sleep happy, just like he expects.




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