Chasing Me Chasing You

An uncollared submissive struggling through depression, motherhood, and the constant craving of her next orgasm.

Office Assistant

“I’m going to go to my office for a bit and work”. He walked out of the kitchen and down the hall. I quickly finished rinsing the pan that I was washing and dried my hands on the towel. I was stripping off clothes as I ran down the back hallway. He usually stopped in the bathroom on his way to his study, to give me a chance to get ‘settled in’. I threw my clothes in a hamper by the dryer and walked quickly and quietly into his office.

As I had hoped, he wasn’t there yet. I slid his desk chair back and took my position under his desk. I moved the chair back in place. I had closed the door behind me, so he would have to open it and I would know when he entered; I spent the next few moments stretching my legs and getting comfortable in the tight space. When I heard the door open I got into position. His large stride had him behind the desk in seconds, and I heard his computer turn on.

When he said ‘work’, he could mean actual work, or just enjoying some porn; because I didn’t know which I had to be prepared. There where times when he took business calls as I sat there, so I couldn’t make a noise. When I heard the moans and slaps echo under the desk from his computer, I knew which definition of ‘work’ we were going with. I began to play with my breasts in anticipation. This little game always aroused me, but the wetter I could be for him the better.

Without saying anything he grabbed my hip and pulled me backward. I heard the chair slide to one side as he went down on his knees. Even though he had pulled me back, when he slammed his cock into me I flew forward so far I bumped my head on the desk. I quickly moved back further to avoid a massive headache. His tempo was relentless and amazing. It seemed like he was trying to keep up with the couple he was watching on the screen. At first I could hear their grunts and moans, but they were quickly drowned out by Sir smacking my ass and thighs. My own groans echoed all around my head in the tight space. The idea of being his office whore was overwhelmingly hot and I had to focus hard not to cum.

“You’re not going to cum, are you hole?” He had an annoying knack for knowing exactly when I got close. “Hole’s are not allowed to cum”.

Hole’s aren’t allowed to talk either, so I didn’t respond and kept focusing on anything but how close I was to orgasm. I heard a few loud shrieks, as the woman on the video was apparently not a hole and was coming quite loudly. His own grunts followed the woman as my head was thrust into the back of the desk again. This time I didn’t mind it as it kept me from coming myself.

Without a word he gave my ass a hard slap and got up from the floor. His chair was rolled back into position and the computer went silent. I heard his zipper as he put his pants back on and the thud as his briefcase was put on top of his desk. I sat quietly, running my fingers through my matted hair, and waited for him to tell me to leave. A few minutes passed and I almost asked him, but holes don’t talk. Sensing my distress at not knowing what to do, he got up from his chair and returned a few seconds later with a blanket from the back of the couch. He wanted me to stay. I love it when I get to stay.

I took the blanket. Even with my head lowered, I knew he could see my smile as he stroked my hair. I curled up with the blanket and let the sound of his keystrokes lull me to sleep.

2 Responses to “Office Assistant”

  • Beauty's Punishment

    It sounds like a nice adventure. 😉

    • Rye

      Thank you. I hope one day to have it as a weekly occurrence, but we’ll see.


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