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An uncollared submissive struggling through depression, motherhood, and the constant craving of her next orgasm.


My children have created an elaborate scheme to play mind games with Sir and I. They pretend like they don’t like each other, but they secretly plot in their room at night.

Our 10 month old son is finally sleeping through the night. I say it like that because our older son was sleeping through the night at around six weeks old. He spoiled us. So, needless to say, we were very happy to get the chance to sleep through the night again. Our play in the evenings was often hampered as we both knew that we would be up at least once or twice. With him giving us uninterrupted sleep, we could justify staying up later. The idea that we could scene and play on a more regular basis was excited. But that would be far too easy.

No, seeing that my younger son was letting up on his attacks, my older son has sprung into action. In the last three days he has stretched his bedtime ritual to two hours of whining, screaming, and crying. We head upstairs to get the kids around for bed around 8pm. The baby is usually quite willing to go to sleep by this point. But our three year old has a potty, teeth brushing, pajama finding series of activities. Then he wants to ‘play games’, which is usually a few rounds of hide and seek throughout the upstairs. And when I say hide and seek, I mean that he will hide under the covers on our bed in a lump and giggle while Sir pretends not to find him. It’s actually adorable.

But once the ritual is over and we read a few books, he used to have no problem getting covered up in bed and falling asleep within ten or fifteen minutes. The entire process being complete by 9pm or sooner if we got to go outside and run around after dinner. Now, however, his claims of ‘I’m not tired’ and ‘I need water’ ring on. He is up and down out of bed for endless reasons or no reason at all. It’s honestly more tiring than any physical exercise. The emotional energy it takes to calm him down or attempt to reason with him (a fruitless endeavor) is staggering. Sir and my intimate time has come to a screeching halt. By the time we get him settled all thoughts of sexy activities have been replaced my sheer exhaustion. Then we both wake feeling unsatisfied and distant (just physically distant, emotionally we’re fine). We haven’t had the chance to scene in a while though and it’s surprising, even to me, what an affect that has had on us both.

But the way that one son can ease off and another can increase the pressure is probably a tactic that we should learn to expect. In fact, the idea that I am surprised by this should tell you what a young mother I am. But I still maintain that they are working together on this. He just pretends that the baby bothers him.

Maybe DomCon would like them to give a talk next year on mind-fucks. They could lead quite a discussion. As long as they have snacks, and you don’t mind if the baby nods off.

6 Responses to “Professionals”

  • Midas

    Maybe this game now creates to muxh adrenaline ? What happens if you dont find him ? Would he fall asleep right there ?

    Anyways .. hang in there. Someday it will pass.I remember that my wife crawled into bed with him at times .. which made it worse … she would fall asleep, while he was still awake …

    • Rye

      I think Sir tried that once and almost broke his toddler bed. We have had him climb in with us a few times, but he gets too ramped up.

      I’m sure it will pass, and it probably won’t even be that long. I think Sir and I are just really sexually charged with no outlet right now, so it seems worse than it is. Both of us decided that we were willing to forego sleep tonight in order to get some time together.

      Now tomorrow that may not seem like such a great idea, but we’ll at least be satisfied while we walk around like zombies.

      • Midas

        I actually like that satisfied zombie feel .. hehe 🙂

        • Rye

          There is a happy sense of gratification with it, isn’t there? 🙂

  • ancilla ksst

    We were not doing this WITITWD when our kids were little, but I do remember the horrors of bedtimes and no sleep, also it meant barely any sex. Sometimes a quickie in the morning was easiest, but generally it was just nuthin.

    • Rye

      A harsh reality. But we are trying our best to make it work. The idea of being depressed by an empty nest in twenty years seems unreal. I’m sure by then we will be pros and I won’t want them to leave. We’ll see.


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