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Write what you know

I really wanted to write a steamy flash fiction about anonymous sex. I thought about this couple that meet in a bar and end up having sex in the bathroom. Each going home with nothing more than the memory of a great night. I even started to write it.

But here’s the thing. I have never had anonymous sex. Never really had the chance to do so, nor the inclination. In fact, once I got the couple into the bathroom in my piece I had to stop writing and go clean my own from top to bottom. So maybe it is one of those write what you know kind of things. I don’t know, so forcing the writing wasn’t going to work.

Long before I found my kink I was a hard core romantic. Like, raised on Disney, someday a prince will give me a library just like Belle romantic. The idea of having sex with someone that I wasn’t in a romantic relationship with was unthinkable. I wasn’t a ‘wait until we’re married’ girl, but an emotional connection was necessary.

College helped me get over that hump. I still dream of my own two-story library (thanks a lot Disney), but spending the rest of my life with you isn’t required for me to fuck you anymore.

And yet, the idea of someone entering a scene that I don’t know is actually very unnerving. Any conversation that Sir and I have had regarding a third has always included us both knowing them first. I know of some Doms that vet a play partner themselves, without their sub being involved. Until we get our own dynamic solidified I don’t see a third (or more) becoming an issue though. Sir has shared fantasies of putting me in stocks and letting multiple people use and abuse me. He would be there the entire time, but I wouldn’t know any of them. I would just be a hole. There is a sense of excitement in the possibility, but also fear.

However, this isn’t how most people have anonymous sex. Letting some hot guy buy me a few drinks and going with him to a hotel or back alley. A one night stand with only grunts and moans for conversation. Something more like my failed attempt at fiction. But, as I have not been alone in a bar for a long time, it’s not something that I have much experience with.
I have been hit on by a stranger once in my life. I was in eighth grade at a track meet. And, rather than wearing a sexy outfit and make-up, I had on my running shorts and tank top. I was sweaty and gross. I’m not at all sure what he saw that he found so attractive. But he asked me for my number anyway. We dated for several months. I eventually broke it off when he wouldn’t stop pressuring me to have sex. That is the extent of my ‘hit on’ experience.
But, generally, the idea of anonymous sex has a lot of appeal. Obviously, in a world without Sir or with his express permission. But the thought of having such an animalistic draw to another person when you see them across the room is amazingly hot. Letting that pull take you into a back alley to let your sexual attraction lose on one another sounds like a memorable experience. And one, that if successful, could be quite addictive. Having that rush of a sexual connection, letting it take over, and then just going back to your evening like nothing happened. Or they come back to your apartment, have a great fuck or three, a shower, and they leave. The epitome of ‘wham bam thank you ma’am’.
It’s certainly not for everyone; probably not for me, if I’m honest. But I do see and appreciate the draw. An experience I wouldn’t immediately turn down, if for no other reason than to say that I done it. Increase my sexual partners list a bit. Maybe then I could expand my writing ability as well. I’m not sure Sir would consider that a worthwhile reasoning though. Maybe I will get enough experience to write about stocks instead.

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10 Responses to “Write what you know”

  • subhubphx

    I understand the appeal as well. Very much. I think probably most people understand and like you, most people probably don’t feel like it is a fit for them, or have ever done. I’m like you that regard. That being said, I’ve often thought about being allowed or required to have anonymous sex with someone, but never without the consent and direct supervision of my Mistress. Fantasy? Yes, of course. Will it ever happen? Maybe, but I am content with the knowledge that the only way it would ever happen if someday, somehow, Mistress K. felt it was something see needed to see her submissive do for HER pleasure. Fun to think about though

    • Rye

      Exactly. Sometimes Sir talks about it. That it would be a turn on for him. I’m not sure I could do it without him there, as a voyeur in someway. But if that’s what he wanted, I would do it for him. I think that’s the appeal. Knowing that it’s always floating out here. A fantasy with possibilities.

  • ancilla ksst

    I have skipped this KOTW so far because I also have not had anonymous sex, not really. Does having sex with people whose last names you don’t know count? I’m not sure because in the kink scene some are private with their full identity, so you might know them for years without learning details like that.

    I am very into the fantasy of being tied down, blindfolded and used as a hole without know who is doing it. We haven’t done that though. It is certainly possible that my Master would arrange it some day. I find nothing erotic at all in the idea of hooking up in a bar for anonymous hotel or alley sex. There is nothing wrong with that, but I need a greater level of objectification/humiliation/control/being dominated for it to trip my go buttons. And for safety and stuff I really need my Master to be there, and he feels the same.

    Stocks are hot. We used one at a dungeon a few times for caning. I thrashed around so much I hurt myself, but not seriously, just a few extra aches.

    • Rye

      Yeah, stocks are a huge turn on for Sir too. On the list of equipment he wants to buy someday. Trying to get him to try them out a few times first.

      And I am the same way with safety. Playing with others I wouldn’t feel comfortable if Sir didn’t set it up and was present the whole time.

  • Simina

    Outside of my outlandish fap fantasies, anonymous, casual, or NSA sex has never appealed to me. I’ve always seen sex as a sharing of souls, something that sticks with you. That’s probably why I haven’t had much sex at all. I’ve never had good sex. But, what I do have, is a ridiculously fertile imagination and access to thousands of novels with sex in them to draw inspiration from. The rest I puzzle out in my brain.

    Personally, unless you really want to, I wouldn’t say concrete experience is necessary for writing some things. I write about a number of things I’ve never done. What is most important is to be interested in what you’re writing. If I can’t get into my own scene, I scrap it. If I don’t find it interesting, no one else will either, because I certainly won’t write it with the same degree of passion with which I write everything else.

    That’s why you won’t see a lot of same sex erotica from me, because I’m not into it and I quickly lose interest in the writing.

    Sometimes, if it doesn’t come to you, it’s just not meant to be.

    • Rye

      That is good advice. I really did lose interest in what I was trying to write and I’m sure that had a negative impact. My erotica that I write is usually fantasies I have, so I’m invested in it.

  • Molly

    Ha! The bit about doing it to obtain writing fodder made me laugh. I have never done that directly but I am glad that we do explore a lot of different things together as it has given me plenty to play with in my writing. As for anonymous sex, it is a hot fantasy for me, but something that I suspect for the most part I am contented to keep as something I play with in my mind rather than doing for real


    • Rye

      I agree. As much as Sir jokes about ‘renting’ me out, I doubt it will ever be more than that.

  • sub-Bee

    I have to agree, writing about an alien subject is incredibly difficult. But I like those in some ways because I think about things I may not have considered before.

    As for anonymous sex, well true anonymity is almost impossible especially when you need security. It maybe a fantasy for me but I think I’m happy with it staying there.

    • Rye

      Yeah, I think it will stay a fantasy. But a good one 🙂


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