Chasing Me Chasing You

An uncollared submissive struggling through depression, motherhood, and the constant craving of her next orgasm.


I heard the leash snap onto my collar over all the music in the entryway as we entered the party. I stared at the new physical connection between Master and I. It was so comforting in the crowded space to know that he wanted to keep me close. It was easy to follow him through the dancing and playing groups with my eyes down. He stopped a few times to say hi to friends. A few subs squeezed my hand to say hello. I recognized them and squeezed back. Hopefully Master will let me catch up with them later this evening. But if he wants me close all night I will happily stare at my leash.

Master stopped and gave a slight tug. I dropped to the floor. I felt him sit on the ottoman behind me and strike up a conversation with a Domme that had just moved to our area. He ran his hands through my hair as he talked to her about good butchers and playgrounds where we like to take the kids. His fingers and voice were so calming that I felt myself relax into the floor; another few minutes and I would fall asleep. He leaned down and bit my shoulder. He always knows.

He stood as the Domme sent her sub to fetch another drink. I waited for the instructional tug to tell me to stand up, but it never came. So when he started back toward another Dom calling his name, I crawled as fast as I could to keep up. The leash pulled as I slowed to avoid legs and bodies in front of me, but Master didn’t change pace or course. I was so focused on keeping up with him I almost ran into his legs when he did eventually stop. My cues are all physical, so I was trying not to listen to his conversation with a Dom whose voice I didn’t recognize. He was asking Master questions about training. He wanted Master to watch him and his sub and give critique. I was soon crawling frantically again as they walked through the party to a back room. When we stopped he bent down in front of me.

“I am going into this room. You will wait out here until I return. I am going to attach your leash to the door and you are not to move. You will not speak to anyone. If you have a medical emergency you may knock on the door for assistance. Do you understand pet?”

“Yes Master”

“Good girl.” He handed me a bottle of water and stood up. I felt a pat on my head and watched as he attached the leash to the door knob. As he disappeared into the room I settled back on my heels to find a comfortable position. Not knowing how long I would be there, I wanted to make sure my legs didn’t tighten up so I could crawl or walk at a moments notice. But I wanted to use this quiet time that Master had given me to remember his ownership.

I chose to watch the leash swing from my neck to the door. Tied to him always, even when he’s not there. Ready and waiting for his eventual return.

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8 Responses to “Clink”

  • Midas

    Nice, well written, cliffhanger 🙂

    • Rye

      Thank you. I might have to write the rest of the evening some day. Though honestly, being pulled around on a leash at a party sounds hot to me.

  • ancilla ksst

    Ooo, I love it!

    • Rye

      I don’t know what it is about leashes that are so hot to me. I think it’s the ownership thing.

      Thanks. I’m glad you like it.

  • sub-Bee

    I’ve just had my first experience of being on a lead, it was amazing. He didn’t make me crawl behind him, I’m not sure we’d go in that direction in public although he has at home.

    • Rye

      We’ve only done crawling at home as well. We’d have to see how comfortable we felt in public. Sir really wants to get to a Twisted Tryst in the next year or so. If we make it to one of those, then I’m sure I’ll be crawling everywhere.

  • Molly

    I really don’t think the crawling thing would be for me but the rest of what you describe is actually very hot


    • Rye

      Thank you. I’m not sure about crawling in public either. I guess it would just depend on the group we were with.


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