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I’m hungry

And not for healthy salads or protein shakes.

I’ve been doing this diet for around two months now. We don’t have a scale in the house, so I don’t actually know if I’ve lost any weight. My mother always had weight issues growing up and so we never had a scale at home. Sir has been taking photos of me in my ‘uniform’ every few weeks. I don’t really see any changes just yet. Sir stopped me this morning as I was getting dressed and had me turn for him. He says I’m thinner. I think I just suck it in whenever I know he is looking.

Whether the pounds have come off yet or not, the work outs are getting easier. Starting with half an hour and now an hour a day. I’ve been surprised at how I have managed to fit it in. Things are still hectic and my work has been piling up. May have to put in some late nights before I visit the office next week. But it’s worth it.

Though a bacon cheeseburger sounds amazing.

4 Responses to “I’m hungry”

  • DtBHC

    Good on you for keeping the diet and exercise going, it should be becoming habit by now. Provided there are more calories being burnt than being consumed you have to loose weight, so there’s no issue with not weighing in. I did find that I needed the extra encouragement that seeing the numbers reduce gave me, almost to the point of being obsessive about it but I had controls put in place to limit this. Maybe you could look at a controlled weekly weigh in, at least it can provide positive proof of weight loss, but may be all you need is Sir’s feedback and review of your progress. DtBHC

    • Rye

      I think eventually I will need to have one. I weighed in at the doctor’s when I met with him to start my diet. But that was early April. I feel a lot better. And maybe it’s better for me not to focus on the number. When my old roommate had a scale in our bathroom I used to weigh myself multiple times a day. It became an obsession. So maybe just doctor’s visits. That way the scale will always be the same.

      Besides, if Sir set up weekly weigh-ins he would have too much fun punishing me for not reaching my goals. Keeping everyone in the dark is better. 🙂

  • kaya

    Oh god I want a bacon cheeseburger. With fries, and a salted caramel shake. I want three of everything. Soooo hungry!

    • Rye

      Thank you! I have an unhealthy relationship with bacon and I don’t even care. I miss it. A few people suggested Adtkins, which allows proteins like bacon, but my cholesterol is too high.

      Sir wants to go to this rib fest thing downtown tomorrow and I may die. Or just drool while I walk around from stall to stall. Neither will be attractive.


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