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An uncollared submissive struggling through depression, motherhood, and the constant craving of her next orgasm.

‘Work’ Trip

I work from home. Not full-time. I do around 20 hours a week for some extra money and to keep my skills current. I work for a database as their librarian research support. It’s a lot of sitting at my computer, but it does mean that I can leave my twitter open while I work and have Netflix on in the background.

But there are materials that I need to drop off from time to time. Pick up new work and meet with my director. So I am headed to the head office tomorrow. Sir is coming with me to work at his firm’s other office as well. The kids are going to grandma’s. She’s so excited for them to swim in her kiddy pool. I hate to say that I am looking forward to a break; it’s more that I am looking forward to time with Sir. We need a rejuvenation break.

I am also getting a personal treat. I am meeting up with my tattoo guru and we are starting on my sleeve. It’s going to take a few sessions, but I’ve had this piece in my head for years and she has finally helped me to get it looking great. So my afternoon on Friday will be in the chair. Beyond excited. Once it heals I will get some good pictures.

Friday night we are hoping to do drinks with friends and we’re staying at a hotel outside of town. Trying not to let expectations get the better of me for the evening. Just the chance to be alone together and relax will be wonderful. Obviously I’m going to pack the rope and ball gag. One should always be prepared.

But Saturday we get to just be together. Meeting up with more friends. It’s vanilla, but I don’t care. I think both of us are just excited to have some time together. Even the drive.

So all this stress and running around though this week is driving me a little bonkers. Today I am trying to get everything packed up and finish a few small pieces for work. This afternoon will be packing and keeping the kids entertained until Sir comes home and we can leave. The baby is teething, so he’s grumpy and occasionally feverish. Just to keep me on my toes.

But this should be good. It’s worth the last few crazy days.

Hoping to keep up with my posts though. Sir has written a flash fiction piece for me to put up tomorrow. I’m excited about that. Curious to see what you guys think of it. I can really tell it’s written from a Dom’s perspective, but maybe that’s just because I know his writing style.

Now I must tackle the ‘to do’ list with coffee in hand. Caffeine always makes work more realistic.


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