Chasing Me Chasing You

An uncollared submissive struggling through depression, motherhood, and the constant craving of her next orgasm.


There is a huge difference between sleeping on the floor on Sir’s side of the bed and sleeping alone. One is an expression of his ownership and my service. The other just sucks.

Sir has been sick the last few days. After several stressful work days last week and trouble sleeping over the weekend, he woke up Monday with a terrible stress headache (apparently called a vector headache). Meds, hot pads and massages, don’t seem to be helping. Even the blow job only provided a short reprieve. On Monday night I slept in the guest room so I could deal with the baby and Sir could just focus on sleep. The baby was up and down all night. According to my fitness tracker I managed to get 2h 14m of sleep and I don’t think Sir faired much better.

By last night Sir’s headache had moved to his eyes. Even with his sunglasses on he couldn’t have the lights on. He tried to rest most of the day. I started off early with coffee, but started to fade by early afternoon. Getting dinner around was rough as the children had a lot more energy than either of us and they really wanted to play. They weren’t too bad though, I just felt bad that I couldn’t keep up. The toddler did help me to do my workout after the baby and Sir went to bed though. I certainly felt old with him running circles around me.

Sir decided that he wanted me to sleep in his bed. He decided the guest room could get darker and the mattress felt better on his back. So we slept with a wall between us again. It’s so lonely. When I sleep on the floor next to the bed, he can reach out and touch me. He is always close. It feels so selfish to want him back in the room with me. Obviously I want him to feel better. I just may ask to sleep in bed with him for a few days once he is back to his old self.

Last night was better. He seemed to get a good night’s sleep and the baby even let me rest too. The whole house felt rejuvenated this morning. I just hope that Sir does ok with the bright lights of the office.

I know this isn’t a scene, as far from it as possible, actually. But I have a real urge to ask for aftercare once he is feeling better. Cuddling with him sounds so nice after these last few days of stress and little sleep. And maybe, after some recovery, we can get back to some harder play by the weekend. Assuming, of course, that something else doesn’t come up between now and then.


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