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An uncollared submissive struggling through depression, motherhood, and the constant craving of her next orgasm.

Spitefully Pale

So last night was a bit hectic. The baby smashed a glass bottle all over the kitchen floor. He was fine, but dinner had to be stopped to I could lock everyone out of the kitchen and clean up shards of glass. Then Sir was late getting home as work stuff is getting crazy. So by the time the kids were in bed we were both ready to pass out too. But some urges are stronger than sleep.

After giving me a mind blowing orgasm I was told to roll over and present my ass for coloring. I think he takes it as some sort of personal challenge that for whatever reason, my skin doesn’t mark well. Like it is somehow being defiant by not turning a deep enough red for him. So my skin needed to be punished for its disobedience.

To test how much I could really take, he went through several implements. Warm-up was a dirty word; I am sure he started with the angry red bastard on purpose. I think I remember feeling the flicker whip, the belt, the crop, and at least two more that I could not recognize just by their sting. He was also very concerned with surface coverage. So my skin was tested all down my legs and around the sides of my hips. He even went after the bottoms of my feet (that shit stings!). When Sir finished, I think I had some pretty good marks. He took a few pictures, but even a few minutes later they had already started to fade. I think for a minute he considered starting all over. Sadist.

While my skin may feel comfortable spiting Sir by not giving a permanent reminder of the pain he caused, I was not. Luckily, he took pity on me and just decided to fuck me instead. However, even if he couldn’t see the marks anymore, I could certainly still feel them. Moans of pain and pleasure sound remarkably similar. Sir likes both though, so it works out well.

Being both delightfully used and marked (though completely faded by this point) I curled up on my bed on the floor and drifted off in minutes. After several days of stress, the comfort of my slave space next to his side of the bed was amazing. And, according to my fitness tracker, the most sleep I’ve gotten all week.

2 Responses to “Spitefully Pale”

  • Simina

    I don’t mark well either. I change color, but it fades quickly. I don’t bruise easily either. Worse part is, I’m the kind of pale that doesn’t photograph. Any marks I might have are immediately washed out on film.

    • Rye

      I am the same way. I could see the red on my legs last night, but the photos were completely washed out. Oh well. I’m sure he will use it as an excuse to try harder next time.


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