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The Seven Year Itch

There are some couples, so I am told, that feel their marriage go stale after seven years. Like they get so comfortable with one another that they need to change it up. One spouse cheats or they just fall out of love for whatever reason. And, I’ll admit, without BDSM, it’s possible that Sir and I would have ended up there. But this weekend, I thought about it and laughed. We have grown so much in the last year, we are closer now than we were when we got married. We are scratching the itch together.

My mother-in-law called us on Saturday morning and made us an amazing offer. She would take the kids for the night, so we could have a date and enjoy our anniversary. I think both of us smiled so big when we got off the phone; I may have teared up I was so excited. The kids were so happy to go get some grandma time too. It’s great when everyone has something fun to look forward too.

On the way home we stopped for lunch. I think we were both shaking from the excitement of having an entire afternoon and evening to ourselves that we needed to eat. We talked about trying to limit our expectations, about how this was unexpected and we needed to pace ourselves. I think we both ate way too fast.

We got home and I think I was naked before I got halfway up the stairs. Sir wanted to do a little photoshoot idea that was running in his head before we got into too much play. I was all for playing with our new rope, so it was a good time. Though he did find that using a daisy chained rope as an implement works quite well.



It was a lot of fun. Sir has decided to start adding in a lot more emotional elements to our play. Some of it was hard, but it completely solidified my belief that I am an emotional masochist. His hurtful words and use of my body were such a turn on. I was a thing. He made me say it over and over and it hurt so good. It was a wonderful start to our afternoon.

But, we have kids. And there is a reality that when the kids are out of the house, we need to take advantage of that. So, Sir put me to work.

DSCN1040 DSCN1039The blinds needed a good clean. I’m not sure that has happened the entire time we lived there. And Sir let me wear an apron as I was also cooking dinner while I was cleaning. I made Sir a potato and leek soup that he loves. I knew the kids wouldn’t eat it anyway, so it was good chance for the two of us to enjoy it without listening to whining.




It was a lovely evening. Lots of gooey, sexy, kinky, cuddly fun. We talked and enjoyed and played and it was a lovely reminder of what we have worked for these last seven years.

I had my face smashed onto the side of toilet and made to drink urine. I was beaten, punched, and I have a new wonderful seat for meals.

DSCN1046 My soup was really good. I even made the croutons. I did appreciate that Sir gave me a napkin and a spoon. I was worried that it would be more of a dog bowl situation. Which, with soup, would be a tad difficult. But sitting next to him on the floor felt really good. Another thing that we cannot do when the kids are home, but it was nice to take advantage of our time in that way.




Our evening consisted of more cleaning and a lot more play. It was a great chance for us to connect. Sir always has a lot of plans for activities that are usually hampered by the kids, so it was great to let his controlling, sadistic mind run wild.

The floor never looked so good.
I am gagged too. I just have too much hair to see it.


My favorite position

I just wish I could mark up better for Sir.

Here’s hoping we can continue scratching the itch together for many years to come. Love you Sir.

9 Responses to “The Seven Year Itch”

  • Saer Woland

    Indeed, rye, it was a wonderful time. The itch is scratched, for now. You know how it is… 🙂

    • Rye

      Love you Sir.

  • ancilla ksst

    What a great evening. Grandmas are awesome, eh?

    • Rye

      She is just a really big help in giving us a break. Both Sir and I love the kids more than anything, but I will be the first to admit that maintaining BDSM is so hard with them. Her being willing to take them over night is such a gift.

  • Ellasha

    Awesome! Looks like you guys had a great Anniversary!!!

  • Nice Anon

    Love the photographs rye! Glad you both had a wonderful time and anniversary Xx

    • Rye

      Thank you. It was lovely time. Hope we can do it again soon.

  • Midas

    Awesome event 😉 nice photo-report also 🙂

    • Rye

      Thank you. Glad you enjoyed it.


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