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An uncollared submissive struggling through depression, motherhood, and the constant craving of her next orgasm.

How to feel better

A co-worker will commiserate with you about how the person who poured the last cup should have made more coffee.

A friend will stay up all night talking to you about how he wasn’t right for you and you are better off without him.

A parent will tell you that you’ll get another interview and something better is on the horizon.

A lover will surprise you naked with wine and rose petals after a hard day at the office.

A spouse will hold your hand before you go into surgery to let you know that it will be alright.

A Dom will beat you to tears, because you asked for the release and forgiveness it gives you. And he will know when you are going to ask for it.

But HE bought and delivered me McDonald’s breakfast because I had a bad day yesterday and he wants me to have an amazing day today.

And I will.


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  • Ellasha

    Aw, how sweet that he got you McDonalds. Sounds like my Sir, when I have a bad day he gets me McDonald’s on his way home from work. I have been diagnosed with Major Depression and Anxiety so I understand having bad days. But today will be good Rye!

    • Rye

      Yeah, my depressive slumps often include junk food. I’ve had depression for years, but I have recently been diagnosed with general anxiety disorder. It actually explains a lot.

      Thanks for the support. Fingers crossed for the day.

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