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Renovation Overload

Sir and I are dreamers. And when you mix that with my obsessive need to plan, you get a crazy mess. My pinterest has gone from funny coffee memes and pictures of half-naked men to row after row of kitchens. And you can see a marked difference between the bright, bold colors of the rooms that Sir likes and the rustic french style that I love. That will be a fight for another day. They are all pretty, but it will be hard to marry any drastic style with the rest of the house.

But, along with looking at pictures of kitchens, we are also trying to sort out a small bathroom and a mudroom. My netflix is running constant with design shows and remodel programs. I know how to do most of the work. My dad completely gutted one of the many houses we lived in growing up. I grew up around renovations. I’ve painted, stained and reupholstered more furniture than I can even remember. The idea of buying new just doesn’t provide the challenge. I have several pieces that I want to do before we move into the new place.


I found this piece at a flea market a month or so ago. Right now it’s in our kitchen. It was $50. It was originally a victrola player; it even has the paper stamp on the bottom. Someone has removed the inter-workings and lined the box with cedar. The top would have originally opened on both sides, but they connected them so it’s one hinged top. The finish needs a lot of work. But I love the ornate details of it. Sir talked about putting our toys in it. Not sure that would work to organize them though. We’ll see when I get it done if he still wants it in the bed room or not.

Anyway, the renovation gears are turning. Small spaces, low budgets, and very different styles will make this renovation interesting. But don’t worry. We’ll keep it nice and kinky. I’ll refinish the furniture naked with ball gag.


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