Chasing Me Chasing You

An uncollared submissive struggling through depression, motherhood, and the constant craving of her next orgasm.


Doesn’t that word sound gross. Secretions. It’s like moist; I hate that word too. But is it really the word, or it’s definition? And why? I mean, men secrete semen. More than 50% of the population thinks that’s the greatest thing in the world. And being part of that happy percentage, I have to wonder why the term always has a negative connotation. But it does.

Last night Sir was good to me. Not that he isn’t always good to me, but yesterday was rough in many ways. Just my overactive anxiety about the house inspection report and the build up of housework. By the time he got home from work I was stressed and worked my way up to tired crazy. So after the kids went to bed (they actually both passed out by 8:30) he had me get into my new present position. Back straight, forehead on the floor, palms up. After a few minutes the doxy was making my legs shake so bad I had to ask to move. Sir let me lay on my back on the edge of the bed. Between the doxy and him playing with my nipples and rubbing my body, it was honestly one of the strongest orgasms I can remember. And I squirted. A lot. I’m sure part of it was urine too (sorry if that was TMI).

As I lay there in my glow of orgasmic bliss I will admit it was dampened by the movement of Sir to pile towels under me and clean up ‘my mess’. I mean, we lay in a gooey pile of his cum all the time, so why the rush to clear away my goo? Maybe he was just encouraging me to not get too comfortable. I mean, he’s nice, but not all about the nonreciprocal charity. After a good beating and some rough fucking, I would like to think he had a nice orgasm as well.

So anyway, back to my fluids. I guess I just don’t know why generally a male fluid is seen as ok, while female fluids are not. I know that a lot of people (kinky people, mostly) think that squirting is a great achievement, but they never show the clean up. Eating cum is always shown in porn as amazing (I certainly don’t mind it). But I’ve never heard of anyone drinking squirt fluid (if it has a special name, I don’t know it). I think people just have too many connections with fluids coming out of vaginas and none of them good. I mean, Sir watched me give birth to both of our children, I’m surprised he wants to spend time down there at all. And then, of course, there is the monthly visitor that makes me feel gross. Women are, at least in my family/area/culture, made to look at period blood and other vaginal secretions as dirty. I get the yeast infection side of it, but normally isn’t wet and gooey a good thing?

Either way, I’m not going to feel bad about my messy but amazing orgasms. Sir allows me (orders me sometimes) to have some wonderful orgasms and the resulting goo is just my body saying thank you for them. And I will continue to happily show my gratitude.

*Just for clarification, Sir doesn’t shame me for squirting or making any messes during sex. His actions were reactionary and not a form of judgement. They just got me thinking.

One Response to “Secretions”

  • ancilla ksst

    I have seen some squirting porn, so I think there is some interest out there in viewing it. Sure not as common as the money shot though.

    My Master actually tries to get me to squirt in his face sometimes. Then he complains about it, but more in the complaint/bragging style of “Look what I made her do”.


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