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An uncollared submissive struggling through depression, motherhood, and the constant craving of her next orgasm.

Sex on the brain

Sex, sex, sex. My brain is on sex overdrive. I wonder if this is what a teenage boy experiences. My pussy clenches every few minutes. Which has been working out well because I have to jump from thing to thing lately. So between each task I get a few seconds to think about cock.

Yesterday afternoon Sir sent me a message.

Rye, you are ordered to not let me go to sleep until you have had at least three orgasms. 

Let’s just say that that made my afternoon a little wetter and a lot longer.

So last night we had some fun piss play and I crawled to my little bed I got into position. I made sure Sir completed his task. Double penetration may be a new obsession of mine. More on that another day.

Today is our house inspection. I really like this house, so I hope it goes well. I have a list of questions from Sir and my father. Dad and I have done a lot of renovations, but if something is wrong with the foundation or structure we would have to walk away. And that would stink as my Pinterest is already going crazy with kitchen ideas and I would hate to have to start the house search from scratch again. So fingers crossed we get a good report.

Hopefully my pussy won’t clench all morning while I’m trying to listen to what the inspector is saying.

One Response to “Sex on the brain”

  • kaya

    So how did the inspection go??

    And honestly. That’s a terribly awful order you had there. 😉


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