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Sir’s voice last night

The reunion activities start at 5:30 tomorrow morning. Rye is trying to sleep. I was going to have her gag on my cock, but the oldest child decided to grace our floor with his presence (why! He could’ve cuddled with the dog on the couch! Goddamnit!)
She pissed me off earlier today by not helping me with the children. I’m over it, but I’m going to give her a hard ass-and-tit spanking so she knows that it’s out of my system.
Tomorrow (today, when you’re reading this) I’m going to have her either get down and piss in the old hog own like the filthy God-forsaken bitch-animal she is, or get bent over a barn rail, beaten, and fucked. If she wasn’t related to literally every other person here, I might make a group activity out of it, but the only female cousin she has is either a closeted lesbian or a quitter.
Happy Saturday!

3 Responses to “Sir’s voice last night”

  • ancilla ksst

    Fun times! Maybe a picture of the outdoors activities for us? Please? 🙂

  • Saer Woland

    I wouldn’t bet on it. I haven’t had much of a chance to even talk to her, and there are a lot more children running around the farm than I expected. But the priorities remain! We’ll just have to compensate for reality.

    • Rye

      Sorry Sir. Maybe next time 🙂


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