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An uncollared submissive struggling through depression, motherhood, and the constant craving of her next orgasm.

The Parental Code

So last night I called upon the parental code. I know, I know, it’s not very slavey, but sometimes higher statues take precedent.

I was giving Sir a lovely Doxy show. It’s one of my new favorite ways to cum. Show him the pleasure he allows me to have. So I’m wriggling in perfect joy on his bed. He loves it when I beg to cum, but he also knows that I can only take so much from the Doxy before I get all nervy. Hopefully my clit will acclimate over time to the power that the vibrator provides. But for now, after one or two orgasms my nerves turn to jelly and everything starts to hurt. Sometimes that’s his goal, but rarely.

So anyway, I’m begging. After a long weekend of work, I really wanted an orgasm, so there was no play acting in my pleas. Finally, his generosity won out and I was allowed my release. I wasn’t going to waste this opportunity, especially as my orgasms seem to be further and farther between. (Not complaining, just a reality).

I’m moaning and sinking deep into the bed as my orgasm releases all those lovely hormones into my body. Then, as I hit that really good part, where moans almost flow out of you without effort, there was a small voice outside our door. In an instant Sir threw the large duvet over my body and intercepted our 4-year old before he came in the room. I wasn’t even thinking; I was coming down to the relaxed afterglow before I knew what was happening.

Sir came back in the room a few moments later and we laughed, referencing the unwritten parental code. If one person is having an orgasm and a child is nearing, it’s the other parent’s job to respond and move said child away so the other can experience their orgasm without interruption. Ruined orgasms are sexy when your partner initiates them, not so when your children are the cause. And, at least for us, our D/s dynamic is not relevant when it comes to this rule. If Sir has given me permission to cum, then the rule in enforced. And he’s really good about it, not that it happens very often. We usually try our best to make sure they are both asleep before we engage in any type of play at night. But when he wants to use me during the day things can be more complicated.

The levels of protocol continue to grow. But this rule, out of respect of each other and an understanding of our parental duties, remains. Because, let’s face it, your kids don’t need to see that.

5 Responses to “The Parental Code”

  • DtBHC

    And when they eventually do, that’s a whole lot of fun, and also very unlikely to happen a second time as they learn to be quite noisy in their approach.

    • Rye

      That and I think in the new house we will get a lock on our door. Just seems in everyone’s best interests.

  • Dawn

    The joy of children 🙂
    I have a lock on my door as the youngest just barges in. If the door is closed the older ones knock, but he still doesn’t quite get it. It’s not a problem most of the time but on those early weekend mornings when Sir is here it could be a problem 🙂
    The parental code sounds like a great idea!

  • ancilla ksst

    Door locks are a necessity! Really easy to just throw a hook and eye latch on there if nothing else.

    • Rye

      The new house will have them, I don’t care if I have to add them myself.


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