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So my hair comfortably covers my breasts and my back tattoo. It’s great when it’s straight and dry. I tend to play with it more than I should. It is calming to me and it helps me keep my hands busy. I didn’t realize it until I really got into crafting, but I tend to have to have my hands busy. And, of course, it’s fun for pulling during sex. I can braid it up and he can wrap it around his hand.

But it’s also a pain in the ass. The baby loves to pull it. After a shower it stays wet forever and gets quite cold. And it’s always in the way. I have to put up in or it sits in my face. It keeps my neck hot when it’s warm out and refused to dry when it’s cold. The other small hiccup is that I have a neck tattoo. I don’t really care if people see it, but I am looking to apply to professional jobs in the next year. My longer hair could cover it in an interview situation. I’m not sure that’s enough of a reason though. And anyway it’s calla lilies, not ‘fuck off’.

So, do I chop it off? I’ve been considering going short again. In high school and in college I cut it to donate and kept it about two inches long until I got the urge to grow it out again. Apparently I can pull off a short look. The pixie cut was too much work. I don’t tend to use product or anything in my hair. Mostly because I’m lazy. I want to shake it and go out the door. I guess that’s why I tend to stick to longer hair. A hair tye or a clip and I’m good to go. But there is a draw to having it cut. Mostly the shake it go plan.

And short hair can be sexy. So….long or short?

3 Responses to “Hair”

  • Simina

    Well, I’m obviously fond of long hair. It does stay wet forever, but I braid mine and put it in a clip after a shower so I don’t notice. I didn’t know what to do with mine when it was shorter.

  • DtBHC

    Short hair on the right person is tres sexy

  • John

    I personally love short hair on women (think Jamie Lee Curtis short). Go for it! It’ll be way easier and you’ll look great.


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