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Holiday Week

I’m sure I won’t actually do this, but I am thinking about taking the week off from blogging. We just have so much going on. And I’m a little bit burnt out. Or a lot.

We are doing Christmas at the new house, so I have a lot of cleaning to do there. We started demo for the kitchen/bathroom remodel and there is plastic covering over a lot of the doorways. So I will be picking up drop cloths from painting and using the shop-vac over the whole house.

Knowing me I will probably still write anyway. It does make me feel better to write.

If I do end up avoiding the blogosphere this week, I hope everyone has a happy and safe holiday.

3 Responses to “Holiday Week”

  • DtBHC

    Enjoy the time with your family. Enjoy the week and don’t mind us, we should be doing the same.

  • ancilla ksst

    I took the week off, because my access to a computer was limited. I missed reading all the other bloggers, but I’m catching up now.

    • Rye

      Trying to catch up now too. Still running around this week, but hoping to write more.


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